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Whether you love or hate DC, it's hard to deny the amount of hype they are generating for 2016. Not only do they have Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice coming out, but they are also releasing Suicide Squad the same year. Fans all over the Internet are thrilled to see the Joker again, and to see Harley Quinn for the first time in a live-action movie. As such, any image of the gruesome twosome is destined to go viral, even if it turns out to be fake...

Yesterday, a supposedly leaked picture of Harley Quinn tattooing Joker's back spread across several entertainment news outlets. The image above was Tweeted by DC Live Feed, a popular Twitter account for DC Comics fans. In the picture, the Joker is revealed to have more tattoos on his back, with Harley Quinn sneaking on a tramp stamp that reads: "Puddin'."

Several big news outlets like IGN, Screen Rant and Screencrush debated if the picture was real, as did many of their readers.

The left half of the picture is the official image of the Joker released by director David Ayer. However, the right half of the picture has since turned out to be fake. An L.A.-based special effects team known as Glam & Gore is, in fact, responsible for the image. Hours ago, they released a video explaining how and why they made the "leaked" picture.

The team is led by a self-taught special effects makeup artist known as "Mykie." According to the video, Mykie was so thrilled by the leaked photos of Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn, that she immediately went shopping for outfits and accessories to build a costume.

Despite how quickly the image was released, Mykie ran into several setbacks while designing the costume, including the discovery that synthetic wigs do not take real hair dye.

In regards to the picture, Mykie stated that it was inspired by the controversy that the Joker's tattoos generated online. Upon the suggestion that the tattoos are just a joke, Mykie and her crew decided to take the "joke" a little bit further. The idea behind the picture was that instead of maniacally laughing in the officially released image, the Joker was actually screaming in pain because Harley was giving him another tattoo.

Mykie of Glam & Gore.
Mykie of Glam & Gore.

Mykie says in the video that the photo shoot started the night that the new Harley Quinn's image was officially released. She says:

"...How accurate we could get the costume was dependent on time, the massive amount of wardrobe complications we had that night, and the one picture that we had to go off of that point."

Mykie portrays Harley Quinn in the picture while her friend Kaleb portrays the Joker. After few extra touches were added in photoshop, the picture was released under the guise of a leaked photo. It was, as Mykie describes it:

"...Released in a way that hopefully would have made Harley and the Joker laugh."

Overall, Mykie and her crew had a wonderful time doing the photo shoot and paying tribute to the much-anticipated Suicide Squad.

In addition to the fake after-credits scene of Spider-Man in [The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](tag:293035) (seen above), Glam & Gore's work really goes to show you how convincing a fake image or video could look when given enough time, effort and love. Some of the more salty fans may find the picture "deceiving," but at the end of the day, there's no harm in giving artist's credit where credit is due. Kudos to you, guys!

Click here to check out Glam & Gore's YouTube channel.


When you first saw it, were you fooled by the picture?


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