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I don't want to write to much here just I just want to give you the basic idea of what I think happens.Let me know what you think.

Interior Basement:

As our eyes focus in on the lighting in the basement our attention is brought to a table with a sheet draped over what appears to be a dead body. The white sheet has blood stains which look as if they are fresh.We move past the table with the body on it and we notice a man sitting at his computer just staring at the screen.

Dr. William Best- 44 year old doctor who was fired from his job at the C.D.C. (undisclosed at this time)

His desk is filled with notebooks and paperwork from all the research he has been doing to try to figure out a cure for his wife's cancer. He removes his glasses and begins to rub his eye's when we hear his wife Sarah yelling for him.

Sarah- 43 year old very thin sickly looking unable to move.Confined to her bed.

William enters the room and sits next to her on the bed and begins to check her vital signs as she is staring out the window.

'I will get up and walk again in the sunlight with you like we used to ( deep breath) before I got this dam cancer." she says to Billy.

He looks down at her leans in and kisses her on the forehead.

'I know you will honey.It's gonna take time that's all but, we will beat this together." he reaches in his bag for his needle and vial of morphine.We watch as the needle fills and then get's stuck into Sarah's arm. "Get some rest for now honey. We have a busy day tomorrow and your gonna need your strength."

Billy watches as she closes her eyes and fall asleep. He stands at the door for a minute looking at her sleeping comfortably. He reaches in his pocket and grabs his cell phone. Dials a number.

"I'm gonna take you up on that offer if it's still open?"

Strangers voice on the other end. "You got it Doc. I'll be in touch with you to work out the details.


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