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Now yes I have submitted a lot of Alice in wonderland entries for the contest, but those are theories. This one is a story I developed years ago. Now let us begin Also the pictures are from google and belong to their owner I just believe this is how they look like.

I em-visioned the mom like this

Alice's mom is a woman who is elegant and wishes all her children to be just like her. Her husband is barely around because he is a merchant and travels the sailing seas. She owns her own fashion trends and is on the top of the fashion views.

In my story she has a older sister that sadly for Alice thinks just like her mother. She already blogs and wants to run the fashion side of the family when her mom retires. She is dating a older man who might not be the best character. Either way she has the look down.

This boy is Alice's younger brother. He never gets off his phone and always draws or takes pictures. From my second draft he was created. He is very smart and is the only one that connects with Alice. He wants to advance into the future.

Sadly the Alice I saw is in my head and there is none like her. Alice has the same blonde hair, but with blue strikes in it in order to rebel against her mother and sister. She is quite the tomboy and the feisty girl.

One day after being outside to read and to get away from all the noise inside the house she slowly starts to fall asleep and after a bit she gets a rude wake up call. It is her fault since the Rabbit called her name so many times! He had the right to yell "Wake up!" Anyways unlike the other stories she gets kidnapped after trying to run away. Down the rabbit hole.

Alice is shocked by being in wonderland and is taken to a castle. There she meets a harem of men: The cat, The twins, The rabbit, The king, the caterpillar, and Mad Hatter. That is were the situation is explained. The stories of wonderland were true. Her great great great great great great grandmother was Alice herself. Then things turn chaotic. The guys are all the great great gr- you know what I mean grandchildren of the people in the story. After years and years though a illness appeared and slowly killed of many people in wonderland. While trying to repopulate it turns out the women are left with no luck. Before the old king died he told them all that only a person of Alice blood line could repopulate the world of wonderland.

Yup. right after the reason was told Alice cussed them out and refused. Still being stuck there she had to stay in the castle. Through out staying there she found another guy named the Black hare or Henry as I called him. (Each guy has a real name). Not only that, but she is haunted by her super great grandmother who helps her pick her choice. Alice finds that each guy has their own ideals and their own thoughts. Slowly instead of trying to seduce her every day they start to see what they are doing. They even find out one of the twins is a girl named Nicole and that she can have kids and is in love with the caterpillar. Who accepts her for being sneaky.

I never really finished the story, but there is different ending I'll start with my least favorite.

Everyone finds out they just need her blood and murder her and spread her blood everyone in wonderland and so everyone is reborn from the ground from her blood.

Everyone in wonderland goes and kidnaps everyone and repopulates the world or they just go to Alice's world and live there causing a utopia.

Alice is turned into a sex manic and has sex with them all giving birth to many kids who repopulate as well until Alice dies.

Alice dies from the illness.

Real Ending: Alice takes everyone with her and shows them her family. She invites her cousins and aunts and such to come over. Alice lives together with the black hare Henry in wonderland. Nicole and Kevin the King rule wonderland. Everyone else falls for someone in Alice family and decide where to live.

The End


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