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Lavantae Marquise-Derricks Cartwright

“I open my eyes to darkness, that's all I can see. My ears are still ringing from the explosion. There is only heavy nothingness surrounding me. I can't move my arms or legs very much. "Mommy?!" No answer. "Daddy?!" Still nothing. It's starting to get hard to breath. Why aren't they answering me? “MOMMY?!” I yell louder. The air seems to be getting thinner and thinner. I can feel small pebbles underneath my hands. Why cant I move? I try moving my legs and all I feel is cold metal. I don't understand why I can't breath. Where are my mom and dad? The wave of panic begins to create a hurricane in my chest. Frantically I try and scratch at the ground but nothing happens. I can feel myself being consumed by the darkness. My breath is becoming rapid. As my chest contracts and releases I feel air around me start to move. I need to get out of there. I…. I….”

“That’s enough! Charles, that’s enough.”

I set up dripping in sweat. Why must he push me so hard? “Ororo, Its alright. We are making so much progress. But we must push forward. You are almost there; I can feel it. You can do this. Remember I am here with you.”

Why does he care so much about my past? It's my past and I would like for it to stay there. “Just give me a minute please.” He gently nods and backs away. I can feel the air start to rumble softly as small thunder clouds start to develop. I need to get a hold of this. As I close my eyes I envision myself sitting on my roof top in Brooklyn. I can feel the breeze rushing through my once black hair. As I take a few deep breaths, the rumbling begins to dissipate. When I open my eyes I catch a glimpse of myself in the refection of my bangles, this white hair will never not be surprising to me.

“Ok Charles, I'm ready.”

“Alright Ororo. Remember in order for you to feel truly free, you must break free from your mental shackles.”

As he wheels himself to the head of his fainting couch, I almost forget that I'm in a shrinks office. My mother never believed in them. She would tell me “ Americans have no faith. Dey pay to try and find whatsamatter wit’em instead of askin’ da Gods ‘round dem.” But no matter how many chicken bones the high priestess broke the answer always came up the same. I, supposedly, have been touched by the Gods. Yet no one could explain why the weather would bend for me when I was upset or why when I felt happy rainbows would seem to follow me. All it did was scared people away. Its amazing how fast word travels in a huge city like New York. No priest or priestess would even come close to me now. So this was my last resort. Im still not sure why he wants to help me. But he has shown me nothing but kindness thus far and being put up in a big mansion with all the food I can eat, isn't so bad.

I take another deep breath and lay back on the couch.

“I am going to bring you back to the air moving around you.”

He says without moving his mouth. It's still strange meeting a telepath. As he explained to me he is able to access the most venerable parts of peoples minds without hurting them. A part of me is wondering if has found what he wants me to find and I'm just wasting my time. But it beats sleeping under a bridge.

“Ororo, clear your mind, relax. When I count down to one you will be back in that underneath the rubble. Remember I am right here. 3,2.”

Suddenly I'm back under the rubble and the air becomes thin all over again. Frantically, I claw at the ground like a rabid animal. Suddenly the air underneath me begins to create a cyclone. It feels strange but somewhat familiar. Frustrated I let out a savage helpless scream. I can feel the air explode with my cry and the debree flings its self off me. When the light hits my face I strain to see. I can see the shapes of disfigured cars, twisted and impregnated with metal and concrete. There are bodies covered with dust and ash.

“Charles, I don’t want to see this” I think aloud.

“I understand, just push a little further. We are almost there. I can see the hole in your memory.”

When my vision comes fully back I see a familiar scarf. I rush to my feet but fall back down from being light headed. As a crawl over the rubble closer to the scarf I pray its not what I know I'm about to find. I stand to run but the crippling knowledge of what im about to find brings me to my knees. My vision becomes a blur again when I reach my destination. Its my mothers head scarf. “Charles, Please.” I look around desperately to try and the rest of her only to see my fathers watch still attached to his severed arm. It seems like everything is moving in slow motion. I cover my mouth in the hopes to muffle my horrified scream. I turn away and noticed that the head scarf is still occupied. I pick up the scarf and briefly see my mothers eyes look back at me.

“This is it. Ok now take a deep breath and remember every detail.” Charles voice fills the tattered street.

When I look down at my mothers vacant eyes a bright white light explodes. I am overcome with a feeling a peace yet the stream of tears still fall like rain.

“Ororo. Be at peace lil one.”


“Yes my child. But me don’t got much time now. You listen and you listen good. De women of our family be coming from a long line of powerful priestesses. The power is passed on through death. It is time to take your place. Be vary girl. Dere are those who wont understand. Dey will try and use you. Stay true to da power child. Dont let it consume you.”

“Mom, I dont understand. You and dad are gone. What happened? What power? You sound crazy!”

“It will all be making since in time child. This is going to be hard for you but once you accept it you will control air itself. Remember we love you very much. Give thanks to your ancestors for the powers you have and never forget where you come from.”

The white space begins to fade and my feel the warmth of my mothers lips on my forehead. “Bye baby” she whispers. I find myself back in the middle of the street just holding the scarf. I look down at it a little confused. Then look up and see myself for the first time. My long black hair has turned pure white. My once brown eyes are as blue as the ocean.

“Very good Ororo Im going to bring you back now. When you hear three you will be back in my office. 1,2”

As I open my eyes I recognize the familiar black ceiling. I set up quickly. “Ive had that dream so many times, why was this time different? Why wasn't I able to see it before.” I blurted out almost as one word.

“I was able to guide you through. Our minds have a way of protecting our hearts and creates holes or barriers around certain things we aren't ready to cope with. Some times people are able to break through themselves, others need a little help. That message from your mother, that was the moment your powers were presented. Everyone is different in that aspect. I have never seen anything like it. It could be why I have such a hard time reading your thoughts. While I was with you I noticed there are part of you mind that not even I can break though and only the strongest of us have that ability to make such a strong barrier. All in all, You have more power than you realize and it will take years to master them all.”

My head is reeling. All those people were right, I am something different. I have been given this gift but not by some God, but by my mother.

“From what I could gather you gifts have something to do with the weather. I would like to ask you to move in indefinitely. I can help you uncover more about your past and help you see the to truth about who you are and where you come from.”

“Charles, will you give me some time to think? I have seen and experienced a lot for one day and trying to decide to live here is a bit to much for me at the moment.”

“Thats understandable, take a few days.” he said as he rolled to his desk.

As I get up to leave and gather my thoughts I realized that there was a whole world my mother didn't tell me about. What else don't I know about her? What don't I know about my family? Did my father have powers as well? There are so many questions that I need answered. While walking to the door my thought process was momently distributed. I saw Charles writing on folder.

O.M code name: Storm.


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