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Edmund Saul Pingoy

"Gregori hastur". "Yes? Who' there?" He replied with confusion in his voice. Searching for the source of the voice in the dark plane. "Who are you? Show yourself!" He said suddenly " i am Vulcan the God Of Fire" Gregori was shocked but he had asked the God "What do you want?" He said. "It is not what i want but it is what you want" the god said. Gregori knew what he wanted deep in his heart and know that he could not refuse the god's offer.

"What should i do?" He said.

"Just accept my offer and your wish will be granted"

the god replied. without hesitation he accpeted the gods offer

"Yes, I accept your offer"

after gregori immediatly said those words the dark plane was enveloped on fire and gregori himself was on fire, he felt the heat in his skin burning his flesh. Before he could close his eyes the god had appeared before him and whispered in his ear "done".

Gregori had opened his eyes, his whole body sweating, the room was on fire. And on top of him standing was his wife Amoline casting a sheild spell.

"What is going on?"gregori said.

"The tower was set ablaze by the noxian army, I could not wake you up but I could not leave you as well." She said with worry in her voice.

She had abolished her spell and checked his husband for wounds ang burns.

"I am fine, but we must go save the others"

"They are safe i have evacuated them"

Both of the mages ran down the tower, with the sight that the tower that once meant everything to their people had gone to ash.

"There is no way to escape this tower, we can teleport outside" amoline said.

Gregori took amoline's hand and focused his mind casting the teleport spell to get them out the tower, it took a minute before he could complete the spell.

They got out but infront of their tower, their people, he saw a huge army. He looked at his people with cinders on their faces he knows that they could not deafet them, he thougt that he could defeat this army but noxius could send more. He then spotted a woman appearing before the army, he had recognized her. Cassieopia Du Couteau, the daughter of a nobleman, and a man stepped out as well it was Darius,the general of the noxian army.

"What the hell is happening" shouted Amoline with Rage in her voice."

"Prince Raschallion wants you out of the great city, he dosen't want cowards reluctant on magic to spoil the Reputation of our beloved city" she said with her eyes sharp as a snake's.

"We could have just went in peace!" Gregori said.

"Where's the fun in that?" She replied.

She showed her hand with claw like blade attatched to it raised her hand and shouted" sick em' boys"

The army charged toward the grey order mages. Amolien acted quickly and casted a powerful sheild spell.

"Testudo Scotum!" She casted

A large sheild spell appeared before them. The other mages teleported themselves outside the city but some of the others could not so gregori aided them teleporting them one by one. Meantime the sheild that amoline was casting started to crack. Darius from behind approached the sheild and with one swayed from his Great Axe, he had destroyed the shield spell. The army charged at them.

3 mages from the order helped amoline protect the others. Sage, Vander and Korian Great mages from the order. Sage, was a red mage she was able to manipulate things from her surroundings and lift them with her mind, she lifted soldiers coming to her way and threw them to great distances. Vander, was an earth mage he could manipulate rocks and the ground, he had summoned before him with the rocks from the noxian ground and before him a rock golem. The golem started to attack every soldier it can, it was slow but it was strong and every soldier skulls that were near the golem we're crushed into nothing but flesh and blood. Korian, was a shadow weaver. He could use the shadow of others and they would imitate the shadows actions, Korian had ordered line of 5 soldiers near him to cracked their backs.

"Should we?" Cassieopia said as she approaced darius.

Darius looked at her and nodded then he leaped so high and raised his great axe and with all his strength destroyed the golem into a thousand pieces. He then charged at Vander pulled him using his axe which had sliced him into two. Sage had witnessed the fall of her ally, she did not notice that Cassieopia was behind her, she drove her dagger like fingers at Sage's back repeatedly, the pain of sages back was unbearable, for her last blow she had droved her blades through the back of her skull.

She then saw an opportunity,

Gregori was turning his back, busy with teleporting others. She then dashed towards him, she was close until Amoline appeared and casted a spell towards her. It had hit her legs she stopped in the ground and screamed on top of her lungs, the feeling was like the flesh of the skin was melting from her bones.

"You bitch! What have you done!"

"I had inflicted you with pain that you have inflicted on others"

With much pain she fainted and the burning marks turned like into the scales of the snake.

Gregori had just finished the last teleport the last mage, then he ran towards Amoline and grabbed her arm

"We have to go" he told her.

They ran towards Korian, he almost touched his shoulder but the axe had split korian into half. Without hestiation he had teleported his wife and himself outside of the Noxian city.

They had no time to mourn for their comrades who had fallen. they decided to travel to beyond the great barriers and to the northern reaches of the unforgiving Voodoo Lands. They had stablized the land making peace with powerful forces inhibiting the land except for one powerful fire spirit that thrived on what they once called Blazing forest.

Years after the exodus Gregori and Amoline had child named: Annie, had inherited her fathers eyes it was noticable even if she was a baby. They knew annie was special at the age of 1 she could already cast huge fire blasts that can disentegrate even people and surround herself in a molten a shield. But she displayed true power when she was 2 when she was drawn close to the dangerous forest by an energy she did not understand, from a distance gregori saw her and ran towards her. He realized maybe the price he paid to the god was the death of what he had wished for, it was too late he saw her little girl go inside the forest and got eaten by flames. After a few hours Gregori told Amoline the encounter with god and she mourned on his shoulder, suddenly they felt the heat from the forest weaken and appeared towards them was their little girl with her teddy bear in her hand.

"Look mommy, Tibbers" she said happily.

She showed it to them, the bear's eyes were blazing with fire. They were amazed that she, a girl of two years old had calm a powerful fire spirit from the forest. The word of Annie's powers had reached across the land.After 4 years she was invited to join The League Of Legends, she was excited to enter with tibbers by her side she had nothing to fear.


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