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As most of you are aware, we are quickly making our way towards the third installment in Marvel's Captain America films. As the title blatantly suggests, this film will be the MCU adaptation to the acclaimed Civil War story line from the comics.

A war between clashing ideologies and morals, Civil War draws many parallels to our own lives from reality show mishaps to taking up arms to fight for what you think is right and anything and everything in between. Now seeing as this will the third Captain America movie, will this actually turn out to be a movie centered around Cap, or quickly escalate to an Avengers 2.5 or even 3 due to the massive flux of characters being introduced or brought in. With most of the Avengers cast and heroes who have yet to have his or her own solo film (Ant-Man, Black Panther) expected to choose a side, will anyone even notice the Vibranium frisbee flying around the screen?

Even Cap's opponent, Tony Stark AKA Iron man, might have much more screen time than him and might be written or portrayed to be a much larger than life character than Captain America once again. With Hulk who knows where and most other heroes not at Hulk's level, Steve has a fighting chance but will this incarnation of Iron Man hold too much self assurance to easily rival Captain America in his own film?

Face it, fans have come to love all of the MCU's heroes and haven't been shown their full degree of attitudes that comics show. ie: Stark's even higher narcissism or pretentiousness and even his prior alcoholism. Still, Civil War will prove to be an MCU achievement, but do you think it deserves its own stand alone movie or is it better suited as an Avengers movie or is it fine for a Captain America movie? If Winter Soldier was supposed to be anything, let it be that Captain America films can be so much more than a patriotic beat down action flick.

Although the very little screen time (compared to everyone else) in [The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](tag:293035) that Cap had was indeed good, is it a foreshadow to his next film, or is it a clever way to cause anticipation for the next great superhero film? Will Captain America struggle to stay afloat in his movie (even though he is a major player in the comic), or will his shield hit every person in the audience?

Does Captain America have a chance at competing with the competition of newer MCU heroes and the rumored appearance of Spider-Man in Civil War, or is it obvious that he'll do fine? I personally think he will. I mean Captain America: The Winter Soldier was phenomenal. Happy to hear production is underway for Captain America 3: Civil War.


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