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Barton ,Barton ,get up said his mom . Barton was dreaming about his mom . His mom loved him the most , more than himself . His mom and dad had died in a car accident when he was young and had been adopted . He hated his step parents and they treated him badly and gave their son all the luxuries . He was sent to a public school and he was bullied each and everyday . One fine day he sitting on a swing and was remembering his late parents and then the bullies attacked him , he was terrified and tried to runaway but they caught him and beat him up . He didn't run then , he got pissed and started to fight with them but it was of no use as he had no technique and just blunt force . From some distance there was a man observing all this , he was a friend of Barton's parents . He observed Barton all the time until he was sixteen and saw all his struggles and pain he underwent . He then went to Barton on a cold and windy day and told him about a organisation he was starting and also said him that Barton could use his anger with technique for good and peace keeping in this cruel world. He then trained Barton and found his skill in archery and trained him to be the best . Barton was then assigned his first mission , in the briefing of the mission he was told that his parents didn't die in a car accident , but we're killed by a rogue CIA agent as his parents were part of the CIA and kicked his butt out of the CIA . Now , his mission was to kill the rogue agent . He now went after him and found everything about his parents and also about the rogue . He then went face to face with him and killed him by using his arrows . He shot the arrow to the rogue and the rogue was fast enough to catch it , but after 5 seconds the arrow exploded and he died . After he went back he was praised and was called Hawkeye from then on for his expertise level skill in archery and his speed . The man who recruited him was none other than Nick Fury and the organisation formed was S.H.I.E.L.D .

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