ByZach DeWitt, writer at
I have only read a few graphic novels, but I have had exposure to batman through other media

My idea for the jokers scars, integrates the dark knight into the killing joke, Jack Napier is sent to rob ace chemicals, but a rival gang to the red good gang, wants what they're after, the two clash and every one on the red good gang gets out, accept for Napier. The gang leader sees that Napier likes to have a professional image, that he is very picky about. In an ironic torture, the gang leader hangs Napier over a balcony, and at the bottom is a vat of acid , the gang leader then takes two fish hooks and puts them on both ends of dental floss in Napier's pocket, he stick each fish hook in Napier's mouth, forcing a smile, he slicks Napier's hair back, and covers his face in makeup. Bat man intervenes, but in the fight, the gang boss tosses Napier into the acid, so there would be no witnesses to the torture. The chemicals in the acid, react with the makeup and hair gel, bleaching his face, and dyeing his hair green, and burning the fish hooks and floss into Napier's face. It is after Napier escapes, that he is ready to confront his torturer.. *cut to scene of joker walking in to gamble's meeting with Mr.Lau.


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