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I got to say:
Ever since I heard about the CW working on The Flash and Fox on its new series Gotham, I told myself "Wow... This can't be good."

I got the feeling that, at some point, the muggles would be more and more bothered by all this superheroes related TV shows popping up on their screens. And I was myself a bit scared to also be tired of seeing all this programs about my DC and Marvel friends.

But why? Why would I be annoyed of our nerd/geek world dominating even more of the cultural universe of this blue sphere?
We are all over Hollywood, it's been several years now that our fantasy stories are adapted in theaters, on cable, printed on clothes, more and more people taste a tiny bit of our colored ink drama, our interactive animated adventures get their scenarios (Kind of) riped off onto big screens... We're everywhere!
And that's good... Right?

So what is the matter with me? Why am I not happy about this? Why do I doubt?

The Flash is a success.
Well written, funny, the cast is enjoying itself and you can feel it through your screen, the tension and the plot twists (How many times did you end up with your mouth wide open because of those last scenes?!) are awesome... They're adapting Flashpoint which is for most fans, the best story of the character. (Which makes me wonder what they'll talk about in the next season since they started with this?) So you tolerate some annoying point such as entire episodes being longueurs simply to reach 20 and more a season.
Marvel's Daredevil is also a success.
Good writing, good actors, heavy atmosphere, serious tone, the music is great. Even the modifications they did compared to the original story leave the door open for an even better story. So you also tolerate some short longueurs (That's convenient.) and his armor. (Not a big fan.)

It really is!
It really is!

So am I not pleased? Is something wrong with me? Why would I--
Oh... Yeah.

It's pretty obvious that the main reason of me thinking "Oh come on!" when I heard about (The $14 millions pilot!) CBS's Supergirl, is that I fear another lame show with basic writing, bad actors, boring love triangle, (Thanks the CW, but this isn't Vampire Lamearies.) CGI that burns your eyeballs because they're ugly as hell, too many episodes without any links to the main plot, omnipresent irritating music trying to cover how unconvincing the actors are, and the list goes on.

And the worst think in all of this is that I tried them all! (Minus Marvel's Agent Carter. Did not have the time yet.) I tried to watch them and felt helpless when I realized how bad it was.

"What's the matter with me?!"

Oh yeah... Quality.

Arrow? Currently watching.
Season 1 was quite good, despite all the reasons that go on I wrote higher. Although the end: Sooooo obvious. Then it got worst but I'm hanging in there. Just patiently waiting for season 3 to end. (Will the season finale give a reason to continue?) Plus, the uninterrupted back and forth between "Oh My God!" and "What the hell was that?" scenes is really irritating.
Gotham? 13 episodes.
The writing is okay, just okay. But the acting? Brrrr! Too much of a skill difference between the cast members, it's unbalanced, disturbing and not in a good way.
And why would you force an atmosphere of tension with music or post-production tricks? It feel fake, it looks fake, it sound fake.
Get your actors to act better.
Or get better ones. (The same goes for you, Arrow!)
Marvel's Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D? 4 episodes.
And I was done. You know how kids on road trips are? "Are we there yet? Are we there yet?" Well, that was my brain while watching this. Mostly because it wasn't very entertaining, but the time wasn't passing by.
People told me: "After The Winter Soldier, it's really good."
So I have to endure 11 episodes before finding an interest in the show? I think I'll pass.
Constantine? 1 episode.
Good acting, pretty nice plot, bad timing. We (Especially I.) were a bit overwhelmed by all the shows already on air. I think this is why we (Mostly I.) didn't get the grip on it.
And deep down, we (Okay, just I. I don't know why I wrote "we".) knew it will be canceled soon enough.

And if I may add, this is a trend.
Like they did with Zombies, with Vampires, like they're doing with Historical/Mythologic/Fantasy World stories.

But of course, in all this mess, there is good.
There are shows that are satisfying masses. (I'm sure you know them.) So the trend keeps on living! So will the investors greedy for profit. And I'm okay with that.
If the QUA-LI-TY exponentially grows with the number of shows.
Who am I kinding? I want the quality to always be there.
But honestly? I don't think that would be the case.
So we'll have more TV adaptations, at a high frequency, with the right amount of neglect to be a shrug of a show, with prequel and sequel and crossover because the original worked, for a large range of target, more PG than a totally asserted universe, without the purpose of making something worthy of all humans attention, something artistic.
But we don't need to wait to be in the future to see that, it's already happening!

So, yeah... It's on TV now. And it might spread to theaters.
I mean, it's happening too, but since they need more time to release a movie, we won't get bored that fast. We got plenty of time between each movies. We're fine!
For now.

We're fine!. No really, it's okay for the movies.
We're fine!. No really, it's okay for the movies.

Either way, there's too much average show about our people for us to be psyched every time they announce one.
And, well... Since they're announcing that often, are we sure the end isn't near?

I hope not.
I sincerely do.

I love that more people are getting an interest in our lands, but they absolutely need to make some serious effort in their works, to really take care of the plot and the cast, to take more time to give us something that is more than good.

Because if they don't...


Are we about to O.D from TV superheroes?


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