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On the Friday 19th June a brand new Disney Pixar film will hit the cinemas.

Have you ever wondered what is going on in your head and who might be in your head? In this new Disney film we will see inside the mind of a young girl called Riley Anderson. 5 emotions in her head: Joy, Anger, Disgust, Fear and Sadness are there to lead Riley through her life.

The Emotions

Here's a quick guide of the emotions.


Joy is here to keep Riley happy and have a good life. Joy is to help Riley forget about the bad times and the tough times and start a new life and actually enjoy it. We all like to be happy, and Joy is here to hopefully help out Riley.


Anger steps in place when something is not quite going to plan in Riley's life. Whether she is stressed, upset or just not happy. Anger will guide Riley on what to do. Joy will also come into place here to stop the anger from getting too serious.


If Riley sees something she doesn't like she will be disgusted. Now we don't like that. But the disgust emotion will be there to help Riley look disgusted. Whether she's seen violence that she doesn't like or something unpleasant. Seem weird doesn't it.


Are you scared of something? Whether it's something hiding under your bed. Or creaky doors and floor boards. The Fear emotion will race into action to actually make you feel fear. But hopefully this will be stopped if Joy comes into place.


Sadness is a key point in life. We all grow sad at some point in life. It's natural. Riley grows quite upset when she has to move and start a new life in San Francisco. Sadness will slide into action as they try to put a stop to this.

Plot - Spoilers

Riley will be uprooted when her father will start a new job and a new life in San Francisco. Riley is pretty nervous about this. The little voices inside Riley's mind which are emotions have their own HQ inside Riley's mind. As always these brilliant emotions will guide her through hr life. Just like we all have these emotions inside our heads guiding us through life.

Things don't quite go to plan when Sadness and Joy accidentally get lost inside Riley's mind. Joy is supposed to be keeping Riley happy. But that doesn't look like it's going to happen just yet.

Whilst these 2 are lost, the other emotions are trying to help Riley through this tough time. But the good thing is, whilst Sadness and Joy are lost they begin to see the bright side of life.

We will be guided through Riley's mind in June 2015. Get ready to climb inside the mind!


Is this the sort of film that attracts your attention?


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