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Because this is my first time on moviepilot and I have no idea what to write about, I will do my top 10 favourite songs of all times.. so there it is:

1.Sweet child o mine-Guns N' Roses

2.Paradise city-Guns N' Roses

3.November rain-Guns N' Roses

3.Don't cry-Guns N' Roses

4.Some kind of monster-Metallica

5.Nothing else metters-Metallica


7.Highway to hell-ACDC

8.Heart shaped box-Nirvana

9.Smell like teen spirit-Nirvana

10. Smoke weed everyday-Snoop Dogg

Well,this is my top.. do and you one and share with me if you want! see you soon.. this was Cosma! \m/ :))


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