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I'm absolutely sure you're all familiar with the hit CW show 'The Flash'. Not only is is like,one of the best superhero TV shows ever,they've had some pretty awesome guest star allies and enemies introduced in it.

But they're simply the ones we all know about. There are so many underused allies and villains which we haven't yet seen on the 'Small Screen'. I've listed just a few of such that should be introduced to the show.


If we throw it back to the 2003 animated series 'Teen Titans',that was probably the only time Jinx has ever been introduced to TV. She was shown as a controversial character,because although in the beginning,she was seen as a villain,Kid Flash's appearance on the animated series made Jinx change her perspective,making her a hero. In that same show,they showed her and Kid Flash having a bit of chemistry between them,which ended up being quite a romantic one.

But ever since that show ended,she has been highly underused. Jinx has some of the most amazing abilities,which include;


Energy Projection - The ability to generate & project a vary of waves of energy from a metahuman's body.


Geokinesis - The ability to move, shift, manipulate and otherwise control the earth they stand on. They usually have full or limited control over rock, mud, crust and sometimes magnetic fields.

Pyrokinesis - To generate and control superheated plasma, fire and/or lightning. For example,many can simply generate fire from their hands and burst it out towards their enemies.

Telekinesis -The ability of some characters to move physical material through the use of mental energy. Sometimes you require physical contact with objects to move them and mostly others have a glowing colored aura of light when using their telekinetic abilities.

Kid Flash (Wally West)

I mean,WHY NOT?!

It'd be so interesting to see another speed-ster joining the show.

He took on the name Kid Flash in honor of his uncle Barry "Flash" Allen. Wallace Rudolph "Wally" West would eventually become The Flash after the death of his uncle. Wally was an original member of the Teen Titans, a member of the JLA and the fastest man alive even among his other fellow speedsters.

In the comics, the Flash told Wally about how he got his powers - a bolt of lightning that hit a rack of chemicals, which in turn hit him.

If he made a debut in The Flash, oh, what a great twist that would be.

If Kid Flash is ever introduced in the tv show(which would be EPIC!),then we would all then have another hero in the group, not to mention yet another face from the Allen/West family.

The Shade

The Shade is a common thief who had a cane-sword that he used to manipulate shadows to his will. he fought both Jay Garrick and Barry Allen,and is a villain from the Golden Age. His alter ego is Richard Swift,who is a notable member of the Suicide Squad. So far on 'The Flash', only silver age villains have really been on it. His powers include:

Darkness Manipulation,Darkness Teleportation,Darkness Constructs,Shadowland Demon Control,Darkness Projection,Darkness Force-Field and Immortality.

What makes The Shade unique,is that he's a one-time villain who is now an anti-hero. So, i guess,quite a controversial character.

Ragdoll (Peter Merkel Jr)

Peter Merkel Jr,also known as Ragdoll,is one of the many villains not only associated with The Flash,but also other heroes,such as Batman. He was a former member of the Injustice League and the Secret Six,when he reached adulthood. His biggest power is his contortionism,meaning that Merkel is inhumanly flexible. He went through hundreds of surgeries,and gained the flexibility his father,Peter Merkel could only dream of.

Ragdoll's really proud of being considered the most demented member of the Six, to the point of resenting anyone who might prove to be more demented. This led him to attempt to kill former teammates Mad Hatter and Harley Quinn.

In the comics,Barry Allen teamed up with Jay Garrick to take down the threats of Ragdoll and The Thinker.

Red Tornado


At one point,we need to see this legendary hero,like,seriously. HE is essential

Well,somewhat legendary. Red Tornado is described as an android with the power over air,that is able to channel wind and air forces through his arms and his legs. Just like Jinx,he hasn't really appeared on many shows,excluding animated series. It'd be a good change to see him on the small screen,and on the Flash? Yes please.


Red tornado was an android created by super-villain T.O. Morrow. He used Tornado to infiltrate the Justice Society of America. Now,Red Tornado is a noble superhero and member of the Justice League. He worked with Barry Allen on many occasions in the initial run of the JLA.

Mirror Master

He's probably one of Barry Allen's greatest foes. Again,he is A MUST HAVE villain,on the show!

Mirror Master,also known as Evan McCulloch,was a known criminal within the UK. Evan is the second Mirror Master,right after Sam Scudder. He soon then teamed up with Captain Cold along with the rest of the rogues,to (hopefully) take out the scarlet speedster himself, The Flash.

Him and Captain Cold were given an opportunity to take out The Flash,it was offered by none other,than Brother Grimm,which they eventually accepted. Mirror Master has a wide variety of weapons and a lot of gadgets,which not only allow him to warp reality itself,but they also provide him with the 'mirror and illusions' power he currently,possesses.

Having Mirror Master on The Flash will undoubtedly be THE best thing ever. He's known to be one of The Flash's greatest and most famous villains. He has been briefly seen in the Animated TV world,such as Justice League,and The Batman(2004).


Magenta was supposedly one of The Flash's former love interests,who became corrupt with the powers she was infused with. She's now merely known to be one of the Flash's greatest villains,and a deadly enemy. Magenta flutters between her good and evil nature.

Although she is mainly associated with Wally West and not Barry Allen, it'd be a nice twist to see in The Flash. If you remember Linda Park,who was Barry's girlfriend for a while,she is also associated with Wally,in the comics,but in the series was put with Barry. I'd personally love to see Magenta quarreling and squabbling with Mr.Allen.

Daniel/Danny West (Reverse-Flash)

According to the comics,preferably Prime Earth / New 52, Daniel West is the biological,younger brother of Iris West. During his early life,he was a small time crook,who was arrested by the Scarlet Speedster himself, Barry Allen. It's also believed Danny West is a member of The Suicide Squad,along with Cheetah,Black Hand,Parasite,Poison-Ivy,and Talon.

Daniel REALLY Wanted, more than anything, to go back in time and change his relationship with Iris by killing his dad,so he turned himself into the Reverse-Flash. He then began to murder those who's been touched by the Speed Force, in order to drain them of the energy he would need to go back in time far enough to change his own pasR.

Reverse Flash - New 52, by: uncannyknack
Reverse Flash - New 52, by: uncannyknack

Personally, I think it'd be GREAT to see him on The Flash. Not only would it be another epic 'reverse flash' Saga, this would also be MAJOR twist turn in Iris West's life,and probably a major shock to Joe West,as well. I guess,for such a major,iconic villain, he is PRETTY underused. Eobard is MUCH popular then Danny,he hasn't even been in any animated Series. Having him on The Flash would really boost the popularity of the original Reverse Flash.


Mera has had MANY (origin) stories told about her,which makes her quite confusing. But in this case, she is the wife of Aquaman,and former Queen of Atlantis. Mera is from Xebel, a watery dimension inhabited by an exiled group of Atlanteans. Not only friends with Barry Allen,but she is supposedly "somewhat" friends with Batmn,too.

Mera is a very well trained assassin,she was trained for the main reason,to kill the King of Atlantis. She's an absolute expert on using her water powers in combat. Mera is a proven leader, since she has led Atlantis before.

Mera has made several appearances before,on TV, such as Batman:The Brave And The Bold,Young Justice, The Flashpoint Paradox,etc. would probably be the first aquatic friend of Barry Allen to appear on the tv show. Besides, it'd be really helpful to have a friend under the sea,who Barry is able to reach / keep in contact with.

Green Lantern

(Hal Jordan)
(Hal Jordan)

Green Lantern is a MUST! It had to be done.

Within the DC universe,Hal Jordan / Green Lantern is an intergalactic police officer,who was born into a military family.He was occupied as a test pilot,for Ferris Aircraft,long before he was chosen to become a Green Lantern. His ultimate weapon is a power ring,that grants him the utmost,greatest power. It presents his ideas,and brings them to life. Hal Jordan / Green Lantern possesses one of the greatest type of power,probably ever known to DC.

In the comics, he met the Green Arrow,who made him more socially conscious. Barry Allen is in fact,one of Hal Jordan's closest friends. They both cross - overed into each other's comics,MANY times,and they also BOTH revealed their identities LONG before the other members of the JLA did.

Infact, as of now, It's currently being rumoured that Green Lantern could appear on season 2 of the show, but it hasn't been confirmed by anyone as of yet.


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