ByConnor McLaughlin, writer at


The king of FNAF.

Back in September when he played it he really boosted his YouTube channel. There really is no dispute that he should be in the movie adaptation of the game. But who should he play?

Phone guy?

Mike Schultz?


None if the above. We all love Markiplier but seeing him in any role would kinda take us out of it. We need a character that we've seen him play before and that we'd be willing to watch over and over again. That's vwhy he should play....

Wilford Warfstache. Reporter.

I mean think about it. It's the perfect role for Mark to play! He has delighted fans with all different roles that the reporter has performed Have Wilford roaming the halls of Freddy Fazbear's pizzaria, or as a man bent on discovering the secret of the bite of '68, or at least interviewing the main character! He wouldn't be out of place(not completely anyways) but he'd add so much to the movie. That's why I want to see Wilford Warfstache in the new Five Nights At Freddy's movie.


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