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Nicholas Scholten

STRIKEEEEEEE!!! There was that beautiful sound, our ace pitcher had just thrown a perfect game, and we won 8-0, the crowd roared as our fans stormed the field to congratulate us. Chris, my co-captain pumped our team up, "Great game boys, we played perfectly offensively and defensively!!" "Who wants to go get some shakes at NorthCorner?" "WE DO" was the teams enthusiastic response, amidst the aura of the crowd, and our team being unified and happy with todays results, we all were feeling amazing. We drove over to NorthCorner, which was a small BBQ and Ice cream bar. The Ice cream bar is the most amazing thing in the world, the "bartender" knows how to make 30 different kinds of shakes, malts, splits, floats, etc. Right when we were enjoying our victory shakes we heard it, it has been named The Siren at the time, we didn't have a clue what it meant, some thought it was a tornado, others thought it was a flood. Then Mr. Williams (the owner) turned on his old tv and the first words that popped up were America attacked. There had been a long ongoing standoff between America, and Russia, North Korea, and China. The conflict was started by North Korea, and Russia and China were baking them up. The next few seconds on that tv screen changed the way I lived for the rest of my life, everyone froze when they heard the news anchor state that North Korea had a new weaponized chemical. According to her what happened was North Korea sent over a "weather" rocket, and America blew it out of the sky. Unfortunately this is exactly what they wanted, within the rocket were 350,000 canisters which due to the explosion were spread out to a radius of 35 miles. They infected everything, animals were carriers, and already 3 hours after patient zero over half a million people were infected. They started with a fever, which then progressed into random seizures, eventually they would die from heat exhaustion. That wasn't the worst, the first death was nothing compared to their second life, they came back as flesh eating, rotting corpses that were merely a shell of what they once were. There was no hope of regaining the consciousness of the person who had died. The only way to kill them was by shooting them in the head. Imagine hearing that, immediately everyone ran home and began to prepare for the oncoming horde of walkers, we call them such because they only ever walk, yet with numbers they are extremely dangerous, plus one bite can turn you. We who survived the airborne version of the virus are immune to that strain, in fact we all have it, so if we die, we come back as a walker. However we are still susceptible to the strain of the virus that is transmitted though bites. The only advice that can be given in times like these is run, remove emotion, do what needs to be done, and never get caught in a corner.


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