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Zachary Chichwak

For some, there is no other question. Myself, I am a DC fan. I stand in a category all it's own due to the fact that I also dislike Marvel. Most people find a way to enjoy titles and works from both publishers and live a far simpler life as a result of this flexibility. I sadly do not. I represent the marginal few that have drawn a line in the sand and stated, Marvel no thank you. The box office draws for these Marvel films are incredible. They have (monetarily) created a new benchmark. With each "next chapter" there is little surprise in how well the next Marvel film is doing. And in there lies my problem. As I see the DC/Marvel rivalry today, it's simplified to this: DC/WB makes films. Marvel/Disney makes the next chapter..... My personal opinion of Marvel is not a flattering one. My love for DC is as wide as my hate for Marvel. I represent a very small group that cannot separate the rivalry in the publication from the rivalry in the cinematic race. I grew up reading the Flash, Batman and Superman comics. I had been reading the Justice league for years before I even learned what an Incredible Hulk was. As the years have passed I have bean forced to watch people compare DC to Marvel as if there was just some incredibly minor difference of importance between them. I find this ludicrous. From my eyes, everything "Marvel" was created AFTER Detective comics. In most cases by several decades. Marvel has had no choice but to build their universe in the size and shape it did by using the only example they had; DC comics. The Avengers were created after the Justice League had been saving the world for almost two decades. Marvel took a "gamble" and released it's first super powered team-up book The Fantastic Four. This was done by Stan Lee at the behest of the Marvel publishers. Attention had been paid at how well DC was marketing and selling their "team-up" books. Look at the parallels and even the differences of the star characters. Marvel needed a Superman of their own. So they took Superman's weaknesses and appearance and reversed it to get theirs. Superman's about 6'4, 225 lbs, black hair, and is from another world as well as looked upon by some as a god. He can fly, has super-strength but doesn't fight with any particular weapon.

His biggest weakness aside from kryptonite is "Magic!" Let's reverse these things and tell me who it sounds like to you...Blonde Hair, empowered completely by magic, 6 3'-6 4' and about 220+ lbs, IS AN ACTUAL GOD, fights WITH a weapon, comes from another world of superior beings. The list goes on and on and on and on. And this was just one character. I could literally do this all day. Marvel was still doing this crap as recently as the early 90's. Check out a character named deadpool, a fan favorite by all accounts: A sharp-shooting mercenary with a two-tone uniform and mask. A mask which hides a disfigured face.

6 2'- 6 4' in height. Physically and mentally enhanced through government testing which increases all senses. Makes him stronger, faster and more agile. Known for being an expert killer with a sword. Always armed with an assortment of automatic weapons, swords, grenades etc. A master tactician and killer. That's Deadpool right? Wade Wilson, right? Well that's also the exact backstory and m.o. Of a DC character named Slade Wilson. A character that was written and used about ten years before Deadpool ever came along. The movies that are now bringing to life our childhood Heros are gonna keep getting made. Until very recently, DC/WB were the only comic based films receiving nods from the Academy awards. Every batman film made, with the exception of two ( you know which two)

has has been nominated for an academy award. Some even won, Tim Burton's first Batman won an oscar for set design. The last two were up for best picture. It just seams to be a matter of quality of quantity. As long as DC/WB keeps up the quality, I see no reason to expect Marvel changing their plans. It's no broke, so don't fix it. I have a feeling that by the time I'm an old man the studios will have ingeniously found a way to make crossover films. Batman v Captain America and the like. Until then it's business as usual, stand by your favorite Heroes. Good movie or bad, box office bomb or not. Sometimes fans forget that with a fan like myself the beef runs way back to the comics themselves. The movies and actors have become such commodities that the artwork it's all built upon is lost in the translation. But even as anti-Marvel as I am, I wouldn't want Marvel to stop making movies, that's ludicrous! Just because I'd rather see a Martian Manhunter movie instead, doesn't mean I'd rather have nothing at all. And I think that's the way we must view this new cinematic war of the titans. Be it DC or Marvel, the industry has been given and injection of an almost limitless pool or original characters and stories. Slowly but surely your favorite will get its chance. And until then do what I do....argue with the guy next to you about what's in front of us today.


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