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If you're reading this you must love yourself some LEGO and movies, and what's better than combining the two?! Here are some of movies most iconic moments recreated in LEGO.



Cooper and the gang are wonderfully created with Tars, the Ranger and all executed perfectly. This is a set that should definitely be real and sold everywhere.


Let's be honest, even if you haven't seen this movie, you know this scene as much as you know the back of your hand! It's incredibly iconic and they sure got DiCaprio's lovely locks perfect in this one, didn't they?


The Spartan warriors are well recreated here in HQ LEGO photography that is increasingly becoming more popular. Gerard Butler would be proud.

Breaking Bad

Walter White and his famous RV make the cut on badass LEGO recreations as definitely one of the most accurate. The next photo is the little meth lab that Jesse and Walt so wonderfully created.

This looks too good not to be real! But... I don't reckon kids between the ages of 6 to 12 will be getting this play set anytime soon.


Rocky Balboa has his game face ready in this minimal yet perfect representation of Rocky.

Parks and Recreation

Parks and Recreation sadly ended this year, but this inch-perfect recreation of Ron Swanson and Andy Dwyer will live on forever!

Game of Thrones

The hottest property on TV right now is recreated well in this set reminiscent of Lord of the Rings! Any GoT fan would love to own this beauty.

Pulp Fiction

One of the most iconic movies featured on so many lists joins the LEGO recreations as one of the best, perfectly imitated.

Doctor Who

One of the longest running TV shows is served justice in this accurate set!


Another Christopher Nolan movie makes the cut here as the iconic hallway scene from Inception looks quite identical with Joseph Gordon-Levitt looking damn focused.

The Wizard of Oz

Last but not least is this wonderful showcase of what is probably the most classic movie ever made - done in LEGO. This really should be released as a set because of how great it looks! I'm skeptical on how similar the lion looks though...

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