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Why would Marvel's make ultron lie again and again saying,There are no string on me,While we can clearly see him put together my metals.

What was Marvel's referring to by making Ultron lie?

As we all know, that ultron was nothin but the creation of Tony Stark(Iron Man).

But what we didn't know is that Ultron was nothin but a mirror copy to the Bad side of Tony Stark.Know i'm not saying Tony stark is Crazy!!.........We all love Tony.In-fact he's the best in Avenger's Itself.

Then what am i trying to say?

Ultron got all his character uploaded from jarvis,Which was created by Tony stark. None of this was Supposed to happen.

Ultron as he got he's consciousness,He needs to coy something.Thats what kids do,they copy everything there parents do.

Now thats exactly what Ultron did,And here we go.He understands the world as a program with feelings but still not human.Which is why he fails to understand the beauty of it.And instead goes for the Logical part and simple one.........By making then an Extinction!!.

Jarvis the best butler in all of our minds was made by tony.He was way better that Ultron.Which is why ultron gets jealous!!.........He no more wants to be controlled by anything (since he feels he has been living for a long time,because he downloads the memory of jarvis) which is why he use's the term

"There are no strings on me",it mostly meant for tony because he was his master.But if we consider in another way........He was connected to the internet!!!


I Rock More than Avengers?.......Tony:I know


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