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“The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled, was convincing the world he didn't exist”

Starting life in an orphanage is tough, especially when it's an all boy one. Things get even worse when your speech develops at a much slower rate and your physical appearance leaves much to be desired upon, just like Roger Kint. Being harassed for years due to seemingly being a mute, led to Kint being sarcastically labelled Roger "Verbal" Kint. It was a cruel start to life, with numerous beatings and poor treatment at the hands of those who were supposed to protect him. Roger was seen as one of the simpleminded boys of the orphanage, but this couldn't be further from the truth. In his silence Kint orchestrated the events of the orphanage daily, unknowingly turning boys against one another, planting the seeds of mayhem as if whispering in each of their ears. You see, Rogers intellect surpassed many of the boys and most of the staff. Only one was on his echelon, a boy of Turkish descent called Koba. Together the duo terrorised the orphanage, whilst on the surface both seemingly being the victims of bullying. Rarely was the pair seen in the same room, and if they were neither would acknowledge the other. As they matured through the years, they grew closer and more devious, leading them to exit the orphanage together and enter a life of organised crime with lofty aspirations.

Kint & Koba
Kint & Koba

Kint and Koba joined the notorious DP Schafer crime family, allured by the omniscient boss who was rarely seen but always in control. The family had control of the docks, giving them a base for money laundering and numerous export/import projects. It was here that Roger Kint honed his skills of deception, lurking in the background of drug deals whilst manipulating those who thought they were in control. It is rumoured that he once convinced a low level member to buy $50,000 worth of cocaine, knowing it was fake, resulting in the member being executed and Kint moving up the ranks. It was this ruthlessness in his silence that saw Roger rise through the ranks at a meteoric rate. Not to be left behind, Koba got involved with the business aspect of the family, sorting out accounts and handling the money laundering projects. He would set up fake accounts and then leak the information to lower level thugs, testing for moles within the family. It was during this time that Kint and Koba started to plot to not just take over the family, but to take over the city from the shadows.

They started to create pseudonyms for themselves, testing which ones would be most believable and feared. With the foreign affairs of America leading many to be sceptical of immigrants, the duo believed that their best shot would be to start a myth concerning a new, foreign enemy within the city. At every opportunity they spread rumours of a terror from the East, a devil that lay in the shadows, pulling the strings of every major crime that was being conducted. Every unsolved case, murder or robbery the duo capitalised on, claiming it was the work of this unknown foreigner.

The Unknown Foreigner
The Unknown Foreigner

However, things started to go wrong for the DP Schafer family when an in depth investigation of the family turned sour. Police office Dean Keaton went rogue during the operation, opting to capitalise on the money, drugs and contraband that he was seizing during the police raids, whilst shutting down major cells of the family. Keaton soon became the family’s worst nightmare, and biggest rival for control within the city. Kint and Koba could see the family’s downfall was coming. Kint was outraged that Keaton had stormed in and ruined his painstakingly long plan to overthrow the Schafer family, thus along with Kobas help, he infiltrated Keatons new crime organistion running petty jobs and disguising himself as a low level con artist. Things steadily started to spiral out of control. After losing Keaton to crime, the Police stepped up their operations within the city, lifting elite members of the DP Schafer family off the streets and dumping them in jail with life sentences. It was clear to both Kint and Koba that there plan would have to be delayed, and in fear of being arrested the pair fled to Koba’s native Turkey to plan their next move.

In Turkey, Roger began conning people on the streets to keep a source of income for the duo. Koba lengthened his name to Kobayashi and set up a shady law practice, hustling people out of money. During his time in Turkey, Rogers noticed how street beggars capitalised on the public’s emotion, feigning injuries and disabilities to swindle money. He also noticed how effective this could be in terms of the police, rarely did they arrest a cripple.

Finally the pair’s attention turned back towards America and the destruction of Dean Keaton. Koba put forward the idea of reawakening their terrorising foreigner. Upon a meeting with a client, Koba felt he had found the perfect foundation on which to build the rest of their story around the constructed identity. Koba had been enlisted to represent a man who had murdered his wife and children in a cold blooded rage, after finding a man in his apartment. Instead of killing the man, he left him as a witness to return to his family and tell them of their oncoming deaths. Roger loved the idea and began sending anonymous letters to all the contacts he had in Los Angeles, foretelling of a reawakening of the devil on the streets. Once the groundwork had been established, the duo packed up and headed back to America, hell bent on destroying Keaton and controlling the city.

Overlooking the City
Overlooking the City

Once back in the streets, Koba kept a low profile, dealing only with the financial aspects of Klints hustling as he once again rose up the ranks. Klint began to reinvent his image, faking a stroke leaving him with an immobile right arm and right leg, making it hard for him to walk. Roger got back in contact with Keaton who took pity on him upon seeing his immobility and apparent need of money.

Behind the scenes Klint and Koba began brutally murdering petty thieves and drug dealers, spreading the rumors that it was all the work of one man. The notorious “Keyser Söze”. Roger sealed the myth by one night explaining to Keaton of the terrors that Söze was capable of. He told him how Soze came home one night to find his Hungarian rivals had raped his Wife and held his children captive. Without flinching, Söze shot his wife, children and all but one of the Hungarians, leaving him to go and tell the rest of his gang the horrors that had happened. Roger also mentioned that he had heard whispers that Keyse Söze had come to LA to seek out the remaining Hungarians and take control of the profitable city docks.

The paranoid Dean Keaton decided to leave the crime world, scared at being incarcerated or worse, left to the mercy of Keyser Söze. This of course was not enough for Roger Kint and Koba, and so they set about gathering as much information on Keaton and his associates as possible. Kobayashi began preparing documents and files on their entire history, family connections and photographs of their daily routines. With the power of blackmail and alluding to the idea that Söze would murder them or their loved ones, Klint and Koba began manipulating a chain of events that would ultimately lead back to the docks that the DP Schafer family had previously ran. The bloody and violent events of that night would result in the control of the entire city shifting to the anonymous Keyser Söze. Or, as we know him, the cunning orphans Roger “Verbal” Kint and Koba.


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