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"There's 104 days of summer vacation, and school comes along just to end it, so the annual problem for our generation is finding a good way to spend it; Like maybe..."

Those are the first lines of the song I came to look forward to every time I watch TV at six in the evening, or nine in the morning.

I remember the very first episode of Phineas and Ferb I've seen.. That was also the first time we had Disney Channel on our cable. I was in fifth grade, eager to watch my daily soap opera , when my two brothers are in my room watching some obnoxiously loud cartoon.

Turns out, it was just Candace.
Turns out, it was just Candace.

The first episode I've seen of Phineas and Ferb is actually the episode Candace's Big Day. Y'know, the one where she plans a wedding for her aunt, just as her aunt promised when Candace was younger.

And to be honest, I didn't like Phineas and Ferb at first. For one, I only got to that part (above), I didn't know everything about it, even though I did see it in the K-Zone magazines my brother has. The major factor of me, actually liking it was when some friends of mine began talking about it, and I was like "Yeah, I know that one!! That's when the sister.."

Basically, I was like Candace trying to impress Jeremy!

And so, I watched it, googled it and learn as much as I can about the characters, and I actually grew to like it, and eventually, loved it, made it a part of my every day life, adapted Isabella's catchphrase (which went viral when I started it at first year), role-played in our class in sixth grade WITH all the PnF viewers in our class, forced my bestfriend to listen to me when I'm talking Phineas And Ferb, and literally gets mad at ANYONE who dare ask some silly question about the characters or the show to me, while I'm actually trying to explain it.

For new viewers, it would most probably be the songs that will attract you (just like what it did to me), but as you watch it, you will realize that there's more to it than just catchy songs, Candace trying to bust her brothers, Doofenshmirtz's failed "-inators" , Isabella's huge crush on Phineas, and Phineas and Ferb's undeniably cool inventions!

Now that it is confirmed that Phineas and Ferb will have it's last episode on June 12, fittingly titled "Last Day Of Summer", I can't help but feel like sweating through my eyes with each word I type into this. Indeed summer vacation just has 104 days, and me, every season, I just think that, oh, they're back from school again! Time for more Phineas and Ferb fun.. (or I just do that 'cause I'm jealous of their endless summer adventures).

As a kid, and well now, still a kid, I find this cartoon the BEST. It is truly exceptional. It's an original, incredibly smart cartoon, and while we do know that some of those inventions the brothers do every day in summer, is still not quite possible, and there are a lot of cliche, I've learned a lot from it. I truly did. And all throughout 2nd year and 4th year, when the Phineas And Ferb notebooks became available in our town, I made sure to buy 3 or 5 for my favorite subjects, and some for keeps.

So without further ado, here is my list. (In no particular order).

1. Creativity

-This one is certainly a given. I mean, what more can we expect from the best brothers in town? And while we can't do things exactly as they do it.. No one can go wrong with paper mache or a little woodwork. (I'm just going to include those ones, because they're the ones that are most possible for all of us to imitate.)

"Eat your hear out, Howard Hughes!"
"Eat your hear out, Howard Hughes!"

I still remember all the bad newspaper puns in that episode.

"You know, even though I know that's paper-maché, that's still an impressive throw
"You know, even though I know that's paper-maché, that's still an impressive throw

2. Innovation

This is one of the stuff that pretty much everyone at Danville taught us. Phineas and Ferb are the brothers of invention and innovation,and the obvious example for this one, but I give this to Perry The Platypus... I mean, well yeah, leave it to Doofenshmirtz to make the most un-platyproof traps (remember the incident with the BO-AT) and, his urge to always tell backstories do help Perry stall some time, well, uhm.. this is getting pretty hard to explain, so just look at the video below.

So basically, use anything that will help you gain the upper hand/escape from the clutches of evil! Think Smart! Like Perry!

3. When in doubt, consult Phineas And Ferb

Candace does it sometimes. When she broke her phone, when she wants to get a memory from her head, when she wants a great big amazing surprise for Jeremy. Isabella does it all the time too. Especially when The Fireside Girls want to earn some patches.

So why can't I? Just kidding.. But to be honest, I use Phineas And Ferb references all the time. In my vocabulary, in my catchphrases, and IN MY HOMEWORKS!

Baljeet Replicas: (All at once) He is always giving us a hard time...He says he is our friend! Would a friend steal your bike?! To be fair, he stole everyone's bike...And what about the time he drank all the water out of our fish tank?!

Isabella: Something's going on over there, the Baljeets seem to be gathering.

Phineas: Oh I don't like the looks of that! Gatherings have a bad habit of turning into mobs.

Ferb: And mobs rarely make good decisions

Buford: Oh come on, couldn't a gathering just as easily turn into shindig or a hoot-nanny?

Isabella: Under normal circumstances, I'd say yes. But this one seems to have a ...(Puts her hand on Buford's shoulder, Suspense music plays) ..."Storming of the Bastille" sort of vibe.

4. Believe You Can

I'll just let the song explain it on this one.

You believe, therefore, you are.

5. Insight on the nerdy life of Fanboys/girls

To War! Because our movie's better than yours!!

I think a lot of people reading this, could agree to this? I haven't been to any Comic Cons, so I really wouldn't know, but someday I hope I would see a movie argument in a choir.. in a convention center!


While the show revolves mostly around on Phineas and Ferb's insane inventions, it is still important to note that the girls of the show are just as awesome. From fashion secrets to helping bust each others' brothers, moving a mountain to another place...

And up to being exactly fashionably late.

A brother is a brother, but girl friends are the best sistahs from anotha motha.

We must make it a duty to remember we have to spend quality time with them too, other than being our confidant where you only talk to them about your relationship, or busting your brothers.

7. Frenemies make convenient Friendships

or, there can be some sort of amity between a bully and his nerd, or an evil scientist and his "nemesis".

And since I couldn't find a video of Dr. Doofenshmirtz and Perry in Dr. Feelbetter show, enjoy this fan-made video!

See what I'm talking about? At least, even though they are "frenemies" they still care of each others' feelings enough that Perry listens to Dr. Doof's rants before destroying his "-inators".. or just like Buford and Baljeet's symbiotic relationship.

You know it's funny that they even found "replacements" for Perry (Peter The Panda) and Baljeet. Anyhow, I call these "convenient", well, obvious reasons.

"You think I'm evil, right?"
"You think I'm evil, right?"


It's no secret that I geek so much about Phineas And Ferb. If there is one thing that I was good at between 6th grade and 2nd year, is that I talk about Phineas and Ferb a lot, and I follow closely into the lives of my favorite actors and what their projects are. My daily Phineas and Ferb TV-viewing schedule kind of slowed down in third year because of a lot of school commitments, but I never stopped loving it.

I remember when we had to go to the bank, and being the keen observer that I am, I saw a black Phineas and Ferb T-shirt on a thrift shop (it's in the very first hanger in front) and I basically enthusiastically freaked out that they asked me what was wrong. And then I asked our driver to quickly turn before that gem is bought! And here's a screenshot from that lucky day.

shamelessly bragging this one. :P
shamelessly bragging this one. :P

'Cause everywhere I go, there just isn't an abundance of Phineas and Ferb merch. And right now, in my parents' house here in Thailand, I saw this kid wearing a Perry shirt. I immediately asked my little brother to ask the kiddo where he bought the shirt, but he didn't. *facepalm*

9. Learn to sacrifice the urge to prove something if it can cause danger to others

For the life of me, I couldn't find the specific video to show you this, but this fan-edited one is THE ONE, except their additions to it, of course.

Candace is crazy, but the Lake Nose Monster is safe. This is one of the best lessons Phineas and Ferb taught us. Being responsible to nature, and protecting wildlife.

10. Elaborately explaining everything to anyone

I do it all the time, I'm kinda surprised I don't break out into a song and dance number when I do it. Especially when it comes to shows and actors I love (or obsess about) fangirls/boys agree with me on this. We try to learn as much as we can about them, and before we know it we branch out on trying what our faves do or what pique their interests that are closer to what we do.. And y'know, kind of compete with another fan.

And while we do know that someone will say " there, you asked her! Now you go listen to her." whenever you get started on explaining something, even if it was just a brief history, you still couldn't stop yourself from doing it again next time.

I call that the DCD or Doof Compulsive Disorder. It's like OCD but you're talking and flashbacking way too much.. or something like that.

11. Sometimes, if you love somebody, you have to meet them halfway

Ever since I figured out what Ferb mean, any time someone asks me for advice, a good friend that I am, I always quote Ferb.

It means that whatever you're going through, you both have to do anything to understand each other. Give and take.

Thanks Ferb.

12. Physics stuff and new words

To be very honest with everyone, I'm not really good at Math and Science and Physics, I just stick with it, like when there are Science Fests, I'm always a contestant, because I've been since 3rd grade. But I am filled with burning indifference for these subjects, until Phineas And Ferb.

I still don't like Math and Physics, but it depends. Sometimes I'm not in the mood to listen to the lessons.

And one more thing, I know I might get reactions like "have you been living under a rock?" or "do you not pay attention at English class?" but I'll say it anyway. I only learned the word Carpe Diem (it's Latin for "Seize the Day") while watching Phineas And Ferb!

I know, I know. It has been around for a looooong time, but believe me when I tell you, I wish PnF was already made when I was a toddler. That way,I would never have contented myself in watching Blue's Clues or Dora or Teletubbies. (I never liked them anyway).

I learned a lot more, but the ones I've written were the eye-openers for me.

I also remember that time during 6th grade, it was dismissal, and I asked our teacher if she knows what the tip of the shoelace is called. She did give an answer, but it wasn't THE answer.

I almost broke out into a song 'cause I was literally humming the A-G-L-E-T part.

13. Catchphrases and phrases...?

Okay... remember my story when I started copying Isabella's iconic "Whatcha doin'?" catchphrase in 6th grade? Well, I brought to me until first year (in highschool we had no K-12) and, when I was confident enough with all the new people there, I started saying it, and it quickly spread. I have to thank our pretty English teacher then, because she says it all the time, and credits me for it. (My PnF missions are successful!!)

Another success story was when we had our 11th year Foundation Day in February 2014, and I was forced to do the task of being an emcee (I would have performed hand mimes with our class), in one part of that event, I coined Phineas' words and y'know everybody clapped for me, and I do hope they know where I got it because we held the event in the municipal gymnasium, and I think it was the most successful Foundation Day we ever had.

Okay so I said, "And now. The moment we've all been waiting for..Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages! May I present to you a spectacle most of the evening the making, the Search for Mr. and Ms. [name of our school]"

And for that, I'd like to thank Phineas Flynn.

14. There are reasons why people became the way they are

It could be because they had an emotionally scarring childhood.

or lost a very important childhood toy which prompted them to take-over the Tri-State Area...

Or made them vengeful against semi-aquatic egg-laying mammals because his mother was distracted from them, which led to him rolling away and never saw his mother again.

15. Some things are worth waiting for

Eleven years into the future, and Phineas still had no clue Isabella has a huge crush on him.

This episode was really sweet, and I sweat through my eyes in this episode. It was one of the most beautiful Phineas And Ferb episodes EVER.

And as Ferb said to Adyson, "you know, you can't force these things". Just because you're girls and it's what you do, doesn't mean you have to always manipulate things, because when they are bound to happen, things will happen naturally.

Although, I might say in Phineas and Isabella's case, ALL THE HELP IN THE WORLD IS REQUIRED to make Phineas' acute triangle head snap out of its obliviousness!

"Eh, I've waited this long."

I couldn't wipe that silly grin off my face, and when I realized it, I had to take a picture. Y'know, just like when Doof shed a tear and he saved it, so he could use it later. *winks*

This episode was worth the wait. It was worth all wait in the world. It was worth watching all the episodes Disney airs even if sometimes they're just the same every day (my classmates and I would complain how frequent The Lemonade Stand was aired).


Aaah. The Summer Belongs To You two-part episode. I loved this one. Also the first one where Phineas got mad and shouted at Candace to get on the trike!

okay, so we all know what happened here. Buford returned the bikes BEFORE they even got to their backyard. Perhaps he had a change of heart. This is what it was all about, remember? Phineas and Ferb to make the BIGGEST, LONGEST, FUNNEST SUMMER DAY OF ALL TIME, and return home in time so Buford will return the bikes and eat a bug (EW!) And if Phineas loses, he and Ferb will do NOTHING for the rest of the summer.

Remember the time when Phineas almost gave up, and dug up a hole like a crazed person... and found a star and a sponge (my, that was hilarious)

He gave up. He did; he sat down to enjoy beautiful sunset beside Isabella, it was what she always wanted, but not needed in this time!

Isabella: No.

Phineas: What?

Isabella: (She stands) No, you are not going to enjoy this beautiful sunset!

Phineas: I'm not?

Isabella: You built a rollercoaster through downtown! You made giant tree-house robots! You traveled through time for crying out loud! Twice!

Phineas: But, Isabella, there's nothing here for me to work with.

Isabella: Well, that's not the Phineas Flynn that I fell in...(She pauses, and quickly rephrases what she was going to say) to...this...situation with. You showed us all in Ferb's map how this is possible and I'm not gonna let you sit there and --

Phineas: Ferb's map! (He jumps up) That's it! Isabella, you're the best! (He hugs her before turning to Ferb, unknowingly leaving Isabella in a trance) Hey Ferb. Let's see that map again.

They reached home in time, and did this wonderful and inspirational song number. It's one of my favorite Phineas and Ferb songs so I'll share it.

Lesson number 17 is a triple combo, because for me, one will not work without the other two.

17. Trust ConqueringYourFears Cooperation&Coordination

  • Trust

And still, we know that at the end of the day, Perry loves them and the Flynn-Fletchers love Perry so they chose to forget EVERYTHING even the traveling to the 2nd Dimension part. We can make a lot more beautiful and exciting memories, and even though they could not exceed the experience of traveling in the 2nd dimension, discovering that your pet is really a super cool, secret agent, and saving the world which is surreal, if this means that in the future, your memories will be without your beloved pet Platypus, it's not worth it.


Candace is one of the few that can assist Phineas and Ferb in saving the world by staying at home; Irving can't do it 'cause his song is currently trending online. Although, Phineas must appear in hologram form to tell Candace what to do i.e. get the fuse in a dark attic with SPIDERS...

I thought it was very brave of her. Fear can totally wipe out any determination you thought you have. But, I'm glad she did it.

Candace with the fuse
Candace with the fuse
  • Cooperation and Coordination

The inator Dr. Doof built is for him to use SPF110 instead of SPF120. He doesn't want to take the obligatory trip back to the store.

So let's skip all the other parts.

We all know how all these went wrong. Rodney plans to take over the world, and Dr. Doof doesn't like the sound of that.

Anyway, long story short, they team up to stop Rodney's plan of bringing the Earth in another Ice Age. He activated the -inizer because the world leaders didn't meet his demands (the only one not met was the Pretzels). At the end they saved the world. Woo-hoo!!

"I, for one am starting to get bored, and boredom is something up with which I will not put! The first thing they're going to ask us when we get back to school is 'what did we do over summer?'. I mean, no school for three months? Our lives should be a roller coaster! And I mean a good roller coaster, not like that one we rode at the state fair."


Lastly, to add to the effect, listen to Summer Belongs To You.


It's Summer. The longest time and best time of the year where we could do anything we could think of. It's up to us to make each day awesome.
You don't have to build a rollercoaster to find your own way to make the most of the days of Summer, you can dance to the beat of a different drummer, just grab those opportunities when you see them.. 'Cause everyday is a brand new day, baby Carpe Diem!

As soon as you wake you gotta make your move, don't miss the beat just get into the groove, the sun is shining there's a lot that you can do! Yes it's true Summer Belongs To You!

Now there's something that YOU'VE gotta say out loud...

Time is what you make of it, so take a chance

That's it!

Life is full of music so you ought to dance

You've got it!

The world's a stage and it is time for your debut

By Jove, I think you've got it!

Don't waste a minute sitting on that chair


The world is calling, so just get out there

That's what I'm talking about!

I can see forever, so my dreams are all in view...

Yes it's true...

Summer belongs to you! Summer belongs to everyone so have some fun, there's nothing better to do

Just remember that you can do it and when you're through it will change your point of view.

See? I hope you just broke into a song and dance number. We can do anything to make each day awesome and not complain of boredom.

Okay, now I'm down to the last part of this article.. And I'm still going to be a bit of a show-off. Can't help it. Every memory I've had with PnF involved were the best.

I will frame the three versions :P
I will frame the three versions :P

And now, I'd like to thank the Creators, Dan Povenmire and Jeff "Swampy" Marsh. YOU SIRS ARE GENIUSES. If you have never made Phineas & Ferb, children of today would have to stick with nonsensical cartoons, that aren't even half as entertaining as PnF. At least when we watch Phineas & Ferb, we get inspired to do and accomplish things. PnF and even Candace make everyone seem so lazy! Anyway, Thank You, I've had so many amazing memories watching and retelling this show, it has inspired me in a lot of different ways, and it made me look forward to learn and try something new everyday just as Phineas and Ferb would suggest.

I also want to thank the crew, the writers, producers, people behind animation, sounds, music, storyboards, and everything. I don't know who you all are, but just know that all your hardwork are appreciated and loved by millions of children and families around the globe. And it has been an inspiration to many, including myself. *sniff* Y'all are amazing and awesome and I hope to see more of your works. *sniff*

To the Cast, I've always scribbled your names down on my notebooks. Ashley Tisdale (the first person I've ever followed on twitter because of Phineas and Ferb) I love you and your character. You're the best for Candace.

Vincent Martella, YOU ARE PHINTASTIC! I'm so going to miss your voice as Phineas Flynn. *sighs*

Thomas Brodie-Sangster, I loved your roles since Nanny McPhee, and you are FERBULOUS. I still hope to know what "Ferb" is short for, though.

Alyson Stoner- AHH!!! I really was surprised when I found out that you are Isabella. I've always looked up to your character since Cheaper By The Dozen, you just simply amaze me.

Caroline Rhea, Dee Bradley Baker (how do you do that *krrrrrr* sound?) , Mitchel Musso, Kelly Hu , Maulik Pancholy, Bobby Gaylor, John O'Hurley, Olivia Olson, Richard O'brien, Tyler Alexander Mann, John Viener, EACH AND EVERYONE OF THE AWESOME CAST OF THIS GREAT AND WONDERFUL SHOW, THANK YOU, AND I'M GOING TO MISS Y'ALL SO MUCH.

Sorry my individual messages were quite terrible 'cause I'm writing this at 3 am, anyhow...

Life was good before Phineas and Ferb invited me to join their world of awesomeness. But after experiencing all the endless summers (even though I watch it even it's not Summer), I know I became better, life itself became better, and more awesome, and more fun.

Yes, though I'll miss Phineas & Ferb's new summer adventures so much, I know in THE LAST DAY OF SUMMER, the LAST DAY OF SUMMER (maybe after high school), they are headed for school --- fast-forward 10 years into the future, and we know COLLEGE students rarely get vacations.

Still, I would love to see a Phineas and Ferb movie, or sequel, or spin-off (there are endless possibilities!!) , maybe set when they're in school, or college, or later years, or story about the 2nd dimension PnF, anything...!

*Sighs* Forgive me and my rants, I'm just and still is in denial.

In the meantime, just a reminder, mark your calendars for a PnF 73-hour marathon starting June 9, before the finale on June 12, and then the O.W.C.A. files.

Our favorite animators will be back with a new series on 2017 (I seriously wish it's sooner) with Mikey Murphy's Law.
And Here's Mikey...

by the creators of PnF!!
by the creators of PnF!!

and his dog.. and below are some of PnF cast pictures I will surely miss. *sweats through my eyes*

they grow up so fast..
they grow up so fast..
credits to fruttistdar ; devianart.
credits to fruttistdar ; devianart.

And, oh yeah, maybe I owe my obnoxious brothers some thanks (even though they did not become a die-hard fan like me) for introducing me to Phineas and Ferb.


I'm going to miss Phineas and Ferb. Are you?

This photo became viral after the final episode especially in Asia (June 28) and I couldn't agree more:

*sweats through my eyes*
*sweats through my eyes*

Update 1: The creators read and shared my article and I couldn't be happier. It was the most relevant day of my entire existence.

Aliki Theofilopoulos , Olivia Olson, and Maulik Pancholy also shared this! (I'm so sorry if it sounds like I brag too much-- it just means the whole world to me whenever anyone from Phineas and Ferb does something like this to me)

Update 2: If you've been to Phineas and Ferb's last Comic Con panel this weekend (July 12, 2015 *cries*) share with us your experiences!

And if you haven't, here's the highlights from TVInsider

Here's a sneak peak for O.W.C.A. Files!

And here's the opening credits! (Stay updated with your local Disney channel schedule!)

Oh and guys, Mikey Murphy's Law has been changed to Milo Murphy's Law, however, dates aren't changing it will still be a long wait.. for late 2016 or 2017.. *sighs*

Lastly, I have NEVER been to Comic Con, as I mentioned in the first part of this article, but, I still became a part of it, nonetheless! I'd like to think that they did this for me (HAHA), because it was directly tweeted to me. HA! :D

...Swampy even quoted it, so yeah my heart basically exploded because of happiness!

Words just can't describe how awesome the Phineas and Ferb family are and I'm forever grateful for it. I'm sure a lot of us are sad to see it go, but hopefully, the next generation of PnF viewers even though they're just gonna watch the reruns, will have as much fun as we all had these past 8 years. Carpe Diem!


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