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Many people have been disappointed and unhappy with what DC did to its most iconic character, Superman. Even when I was watching animated movies like Justice League: War and Justice League: Throne of Atlantis or reading comics, Superman felt different. Looking back at the JL Animated Series or Justice League: Crisis on Infinite Earths, Superman had one thing over the current one... LEADERSHIP! Contrary to believe, their are times Superman is a hot head and does break things, but no role model is perfect. Let's get to the pitch!

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The Beginning!

Let's take it back to the classics. One thing is known... There is no need for any real origin! Ok... maybe a few flashbacks. Of course we want to some beginnings for Superman! Obviously, Clark is working at the Daily Planet and suddenly... trouble is ahead. And you know what happens next, just look at the picture above! Now, the one right after!

Superman is already an established hero, he's even met Batman before. Now, I'd use Zod as the first villain for the series!

Yup, I'd use Michael Shannon's Zod. I found him interesting and his design is cool. Anyway, he will be the villain in the pilot and puts the world in peril. During the Kryptonian invasion, the second member of the Superman family is found.

Supergirl! Trust me, there's much more to come. Might as well give you the proposal!

Clark Kent/Kal-EL is the prestigous hero of Metropolis, making his city a better place. After the Kryptonian invasion and the discovery of more people like him, Superman teaches them his own moral code and values, so they can become a family.

Not the best proposal, but you get it! This show really isn't about Superman, it's about the people he brings along the way. Almost everyone in the Superman family will be there, even Krypto!

Superman will be a founding member of the Justice League, but he will coach this team himself with some of the league helping. You'll see Supergirl, Superboy, Powergirl, and A LOT MORE! There will be other members that will be swapped out like Steel, Eradicator, Val-Zod, and even Cir-El. There will be action, character depth, and a great story!

I have a good idea of how to handle the seasons, with the first to obviously introduce and establish the team. Did I mention costume changes!

This Show Will Respect Superman's Role As A Leader!

The New 52 is missing this part of the character. I feel like this can be a fresh (but nostalgic) take for the character. He doesn't have to be dark or gritty. He's a nice guy!

In Conclusion: This series can really bring Superman back to greatness, truly being the hero we need and deserve. Having a team with Supergirl, Powergirl, and Superboy (main stays) and coaching them on how to be a true superhero would be a great thing. Superman is suppose to represent the best of us. Also... TIE-INS! Imagine a Justice League movie and solo show tie-in events. This isn't the only pitch I got, stay tuned!

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