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This is probably one of the older ones But, I am a true fan of horror and this story scared the sh*t out of me. this story without a doubt will make you jump out of your skin.

"house of horrors" doesnt have an actual date in which it was posted Though this story was made by mollybutt.

This story is about 8 teenagers on holloween night who want to go venture out to "the most haunted place in Michigan" (a house) it doesn't seem so bad on the outside but.. On the inside.... this thing is a whole other story, when They go inside and actually start roaming around inside each one of the character gets picked off one by one and killed in some gruesome manner. (do not read if you're squimish)

Isaac is the "owner" of the house I guess you could say. Opening the doors and letting the teens venture into it knowing damn well what will happen. (sigh, people these days)

This would probably remind you of the "saw" movies or "13 ghosts" but, with its own little twist at the ending will leave you cowering in your blankets watching everything that moves. (or is that just me....)