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Jack Napier was a mediocre comedian. Not many people watched him perform and he didn't get paid much but he loved it. One night he got a phone call from the hospital. His mother was very sick so he was very worried when he got a call from them. The doctor informed him that there was nothing they could have done and his mother had passed away. Jack didn't know what to think at first. He loved his mother and she was the only family he had. Jack became an alcoholic. He drank to forget his mother's death and to suppress his feelings. He got fired from his job because he was sad all the time and he found it hard to make jokes. He had to find a job soon or he would have to give up his house. The next day when Jack was walking through the town he found a flyer. It was for a circus and it said that they needed a new clown. He went to the circus hoping to get the new job. He liked the sound of it because it was similar to his previous job. When he auditioned he tried to be full of laughter and he tried to be happy but he just couldn't. They told him that he couldn't be a clown and that he should smile for once and to stop being such a loser. That's why he got fired from his last job. He just wasn't as happy as he used to be. He was sick of it all. When he got home he started to drink. After an hour of hopeless drinking he got really drunk."Smile?... They want me to smile!?" He asked himself. He went to the kitchen and grabbed a knife out the drawer. For once in a long time he started laughing. He had a brilliant idea that would make him smile forever. He ran to the bathroom and looked in the mirror. He looked at his face in disgust and anger. "I'll show them who the loser is" he thought. He stuck the blade in his mouth and made a curve from the corner of his mouth up the right side of his face. He did it to the other side. He blacked out from the pain. He woke up after an hour. He looked in the mirror but he couldn't see anything from the blood that was caked on his face. After washing his face with water he looked up into the mirror and saw it. Two perfect curved cuts on either side of his mouth. It was beautiful. Now he had a permenant smile that would last forever.


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