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Over the last few days, two very important characters from the Indian Epic 'Baahubali' have been introduced to fans, by director S.S. Rajamouli.

The first one is Devasena. This is her introduction poster.

Devasena, from Baahubali
Devasena, from Baahubali

Devasena, as you can see, is a prisoner. The director teases us with these lines... "Tortured and held captive for years, Are the embers of her spirit finally dying"?

Those lines and the poster. Put them together and you get an idea of what to expect. Obviously, Devasena is of great importance and perhaps, she holds the key to something very important. Why else would someone torture her for so long?

I am as excited as you are to find out more.

The second one is Shivagami. And this is her intro poster.

Shivagami, from Baahubali
Shivagami, from Baahubali

Shivagami is the Queen Mother. Just look at her royal bearing.. She is not a woman you want to mess with.

Director Rajamouli says that Shivagami is the epitome of justice. "Never before have I dealt with a character so intense", he says.

These two women drive the story of 'Baahubali' in many ways. The director chose to introduce Devasena with the hashtag, The Smouldering Secret. What secret does she possess? I am as clueless about his intentions as you are.

Now I have something that might interest you. Have you seen the baby poster that was released on May 1st by the team?

Baahubali - The Beginning
Baahubali - The Beginning

Do you see the hand struggling to keep the baby afloat? Do you think that hand belongs to either of the women featured in this post? If yes, which one? If no, whose hand is it then?

Is the Baby the smouldering secret?

I would love to hear from you...


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