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I scream. You scream. We all scream for ice cream. Especially when there Ben and Jerry's flavors.

John Squires and artist Frank Browning have created 15 imaginary horrifying new flavors that can go down well or not during your next scream fest session. Or you can mix it with some Liz Lemon, Tonight Dough or Wayne's Swirled for some daffy accompaniment and for that truly queasy stomach feeling.

1. Never Sleep Again - Coffee Flavored Caffeinated Ice Cream

2. Good Guys

3. Patrick Batemint - Luxurious Low-Fat Mint Ice Cream with Godiva Chocolate Chunks and a Blood Red Cherry Swirl

4. Cherry Dandridge - with Chocolate Bats!

5. Human Centi-Peach

6. All The Best Parts - Red Velvet Ice Cream with Chocolate Body Parts

7. Camp Crystal Cake - Cake Batter Ice Cream with Ch-Ch-Cherries and Ah-Ah-Almonds

8. Horace Pinker's Shocky Road - Chocolate Ice Cream with Nuts, Marshmallows, and Orange Sherbet

9. Midnight Snack - Vanilla Ice Cream with a Wicked Surprise

10. Sherbert-West - Lemon Lime Sherbet

11. Sleepaway Surprise - Vanilla Ice Cream with Bananas Hidden Inside

12. Hi-C Ecto Cooler - Citrus Ice Cream Contains 10% Fruit Juice

13. Pumpkin Slice - Pumpkin Spice Ice Cream with Chocolate Jack O'Lanterns... The Blackest Chocolate...The Devil's Chocolate

14. Klaatu Banana Nikto - Banana Ice Cream with Chocolate Swirls

15. Heeeere's Brownie! - Eat Ice Cream with Us... Forever and Ever and Ever


Which horrifying flavor of Ben and Jerry's would you buy if these were real?


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