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For all things wicked
I had just come back from a late night out hanging with friends, when i heard the laugh in the dark room. As usual i had a few drinks, smoked a sliff or two and was exhauseted and ready to go to sleep when i'd finally returned home. It was about 4 in the morning when i stumbled into my room. It was dark and there were no windows in there to let in some glimmer of light from the outside. Everyone was asleep or so i thought they were. I could hear snorings from the other rooms as i layed down on my little cot on the floor. I had usually left the closet light on so i wasnt totally emerged in darkness as i slept but for the past few months the closet light refused to work. I lyed down in the darkness staring at the ceiling when i heard an insane laugh right next to me. Right... Next.. To.. Me., Clear as daylight. Imediately i threw my blankets over my head as if that could protect me, curled up in a ball, i thought myself "did i just hear that? Yes i did, i cant deny that, i just heard that, where did that come from? Who was it?!" afriad to remove the blanket from over my head i quietly called out to my little sister Anna who was laying right beside me on a little black couch. But there was no answer, there was no stir... I somehow managed to slip into a slumber that night and awoke the next morning telling of my encounter with the crazed laugh in my room but no one believed me.. I asked Anna if she heard the laugh but she denied it. I have often told this story along with a few other encounters where friends and i encountered an entity or dark spirit staring at us.. For maybe 5 or 6 seconds before it slipped away into the darkness behind a fence. It stared at us and for those 5 or 6 seconds it had felt like an eternity staring at this dark image of a man behind a fence. Only the three other people who were with me that night could confirm what happened. I made my attempt to tell my family once more of the events taking place that i know in my heart were paranormal. Finally my sister Anna admitted to being awake that night i quietly called her name after hearing the laugh. She had heard it too a few times before in fact. She was afraid to admitt it because admitting it she thought. could possibly only make it more real. Finally i wasnt the only one admitting to the laugh i heard in my room that night. I refused to sleep alone in that room afterwards because i was often plauged with nightmarish dreams there, i would have episodes of sleep paralysis and even episodeds where i could have swore i had gotten up out of my bed but i didnt. Something must have lurked in that room and even followed me out into the world at times. I think its because when you behave wickedly... Wicked things follow you back home, home to your family, home to your little dark room. Needless to say the closet light started to work again, i dont know why and i dont know how. Nothing had ever been done to it. All i know is that i could never deny the laugh i had heard that night in my room or even the events that followed there after, it would be like denying that fires are real, and evil things dont happen and evil people dont exist out in this world.

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