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BvS Justice is born: Let me start by saying there is one way in which the Batman V Superman clip works for me. In the future, I agree once Superman knows Batman they may get into a fight and Superman chooses not to kill Batman. But right out the gate Superman doesn't know Batman and he would see Batman as a threat.

But what if, the movie opens with Batman in his metal suit, and Superman descends from the sky, just like the clip shows. Batman goes through the whole Bleed speech. We must remember; to Batman's credit he has cat like quickness, although the metal suit would negate that, but also, Batman has the ability to predict any opponents attack probability; call it anticipation. Batman anticipates Superman launching himself with light quickness; at him. Batman emits Kryptonite radiation from the suit as Superman gets closer and closer he gets weaker and weaker. Batman deploys jet pack rockets that point downward forcing him and Superman down, in hopes of negating Superman trying to fly them both into space. Batman holds Superman in a bear hug close to the Kyrptonite suit. The Metal Suit was lined with Lead, thus Superman can not see the Kryptonite lining underneath. And Suddenly you hear: Master Bruce, it is time. Alfred wakes Bruce up, for it is mere hours before Bruce is to meet with Superman. ITS ALL A DREAM...

Alfred notices Bruce slight hesitance and ask Bruce to explains what is bothering him. Alfred states from what he has heard Superman is a good man, Bruce corrects him and says to be a man one should be a human. Alfred says he was raised as a man, a good man, by very good people. Bruce through extensive research knows of the people who are using Superman, and fears saying this might trigger Superman. Lex wants Superman to convince the world to get rid of their weapons and allow Superman to settle disputes. Batman knows this is a bad idea.

Bruce finishes his dinner and heads to the Batcave. Bruce looks at his metal suit and his regular suit, which should he wear tonight. Bruce brings up his computer and simulates what might happen if an altercation takes place. Batman armored up V Superman, and as he had dreamed his time was spot on. Bruce's dream did not account for Superman's heat vision, while in the bear hug, the simulated model showed Superman melting the metal with his heat vision. Bruce chooses his regular uniform and goes off to meet Superman.

Do not think for one minute Batman is not going to speak his mind. In fact he does, and as Superman listens as Bruce question the people Superman call friends like Lex, Doctor Hamilton and others. Superman scans Batman and notice Batman is the Billionaire Bruce Wayne, he has no special powers, numerous gadgets in his utility belt, and one pouch he lined with lead so he can't see what is in it. But, Superman hears the heart of a champion, a man passionate about life, and protecting people. Batman through words alone has gained Superman's respect, trust, and friendship. Superman extends his hand and says thanks friend. He continues on by saying if you ever need help call me; and Batman says Likewise...

Superman gives Batman a gadget to contact him with. Batman shakes Superman's hand and puts his left hand on Superman's cape. With Batman's left palm on Superman's cape, he plants a tracking device (all humans aren't to be trusted). Superman tells Batman he feels his being on Earth obligates him to protecting the entire planet. Batman responds one man can't do it alone. Superman suggest they should fight together to keep people safe. Batman says the Scarlet Speedster is faster: Superman says he doesn't have my strength; Superman goes on to says if only there were more people like you and me who wanted to protect the planet and save lives, Superman turns his back to Batman and continues to say; maybe we could recruit the Scarlet Speedster, ask him to join us, Superman turns back to face Batman and Bats is gone, Superman says maybe you do have some special powers. Superman can see the Invisible Jet in full after burner about three miles away as Bruce Left him in mid-sentence...Operation Justice League is born...This is my version of how the film opens, and this would work for both Batman and Superman, and the creation of the team.

Wonder Woman is in man's world. Steve Trevor has aged, she finds Bruce Wayne very attractive. Wonder Woman is a goddess, so do not expect her to swoon all over Batman, but she makes it clear Batman is interesting to her.

Flash (Wally West). But maybe Batman says which one, and Superman would respond, there's two.

J'onn J'ozz (The Martian Man Hunter) should be in here. As he is the smartest being on Earth.

Shayera should appear near the end of this film or in Part 2. Her story is tied to Both Hal Jordan and John Stewart.

The Green Lanterns ruined he celebration on the far away planet. Both guys thought they would help a damsel in distress; little did they know this bar fight was a celebration. And no; Shayera and John do not fall for each other right away. Their love, like a great friendship, develops over time.

Please try to avoid long drawn out conversations, known as fluff. Marvel's proved you can have a 2 and a half hour movie as long as you entertain. Make it a point to put some sort of action into every 10 minute period. Some humor; allow for each character to show some personality. The League's founding members have far to many powers to allow them to show them all, but figure out what is important and press. Batman and Superman we all know, I would argue we know Hal Jordan, so Wally, John Stewart, Wonder Woman, Shayera and J'onn J'ozz need a few more minutes. However, the decision for villains has to be made. If you go with the crime syndicate unit, then you might want to put that movie out in front of the Justice League movie. This would give people an understanding of who they are before you put them in against the League...Batman has another dream, and; unlimited dream and that dream will be revealed in time:


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