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  • NOTE: This is for the origin story contest, it is based on one of the enemy types you face during game. The Handyman! Enjoy...

July 2,

It is getting harder for me to get around day by day. I'm afraid that I have lost, not only my strength to, but my hope to live on as well. Sometimes I wish I had given up during the "Battle of the wounded Knee", if I had... maybe I'd still have my legs. However, I am proud of one thing, and that is the freedom I have rightfully earned fighting alongside our wise and brave prophet, "Zachary Hale Comstock". A man, who is responsible for this, utopia we live on. A place untouched by the deadly sins, "Columbia".

But still, sometimes I look at my daughter and wonder, "how would it have been, had I still had my old legs?" Probably would've been better for my daughter, for her upbringing. From which I fear, I am missing the most. I know that I can't bring joy to this child, but I will do my best to shield her from sorrows. I do want her to be happy like a normal child, to yearn for her father's attention and cherish his time. But alas, these are the things I can only dream of now. I wish I could've been more for her...

July 3 ,

Have my ears and eyes deceived me, or have we done something truly extra-ordinary? Is it true that we have found a way for cripples like me to be able bodied again? Only time will tell, as our prophet hopes to free us from this torment of a body.

But still, I guess if we can afford to fly a gigantic Columbia through the skies untouched... anything could be possible. Nevertheless, Tomorrow, I will be a whole new man... and for it, I must keep today's journal short and prepare for the joy I will bring my daughter tomorrow.

July 4,

She screamed... I can't believe my own child is scared of me. She thinks that I have become an abomination due to this new mechanical body. Oh, why will she not understand that I have done this for her... and no one else? I wanted to give her happiness, not fear! God help me if I have made a wrong choice... but I know it isn't so, as our prophet promises us that we will be handy to not only our family but the people once more. For all that is left of me, I hope he is correct.

On the bright side, I have to say that this suit is quite remarkably sturdy and strong. I broke a chair just trying to pick it up and have seemed to taken out my door trying to open it. It will take time for me to get used to my new body.

July 5,

What is happening to me? At times I feel that my body has its own mind. Like as if it's controlling itself. I can swear I saw these mechanical fingers open by themselves, and for a moment, I had lost control of my body. Tomorrow, I shall go to have it looked at as I believe that there might be a problem with this particular suit. I hope they can fix it, as I am getting used to walking around with it and being able to all my chores once again. Even my daughter, Louise is warming up to me. I hope it only gets better for us from here.

July 6,

I don't know if I am going insane, or if this suit actually has a life of its own. Just this morning, was I fast asleep when I felt an incredible amount of rumble and woke up to find myself in the middle of a park. How did I get there and why didn't I notice? Furthermore, Just when I thought things couldn't get any worse, my legs started freezing as I made my way to the factory, for some reason the suit isn't letting me go there.

Unfortunately, I am trapped, I have to do something, as the next time I lose control, I might unknowingly harm my daughter. I must do something about it! I am going to get it removed, no matter what happens... and then, I shall confront Zachary, for I know someone is meddling with his plans!

July 7,


THIS CAN'T BE!!! I COULDN'T HAVE DONE IT... I WOULDN'T HAVE. I CRUSHED LOUISE WITH THESE BLASPHEMOUS HANDS... BUT...BUT , IT WASN'T MY FAULT, I DIDN'T HAVE CONTROL. Oh Louise, why'd you have to throw a stone at me. I know you were trying to help me, you thought the suit was bad... but you shouldn't have. I have now lost you forever, just like your mother. I am terribly sorry, forgive me wherever you are.

I also just realised something... This is no ordinary suit... IT IS A WAR MACHINE! It went berserk once it recognized threat. I am afraid this won't be the last time... Someone is........................................................................................................

Pretty lovely day today, one that truly makes me happy to be here. I am grateful for my lovely body, and now I can be of great service to my fellow Columbians, I shall protect them from harm and help them with their daily chores. This is my last entry to this journal, as I plan to leave my home tomorrow for the greater good. GOD BLESS COLUMBIA!


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