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Now that we are all officially past Marvel's Age of Ultron let's take a look back, at a big moment, well actually the last big moment. If you haven't seen Avengers Age of Ultron then you should probably skip this article, but follow me anyway!

So where was I? Oh... yes! I know, why the new Avengers aren't really the "new Avengers"

Before we look into that, let's take a moment to count the lineup for these "New Avengers"

Led by: Captain America

Black Widow

The Vision

Iron Patriot (War Machine or whatever you want to call him at this point)

The Falcon

Scarlett Witch

Featuring: Maria Hill

What?!? This shit again....
What?!? This shit again....

So we have our new Avengers! Well news flash these guys aren't new at all... Let's start with the oldest which would be Don Cheadle (War Machine) at the age of 50. He does tie with RDJ, but here's the thing, this guy was put into the "New Avengers" meaning after all of these guys move on he's going to have to hang in there, but that's the thing he's the oldest one there! This is a major flaw in the MCU at this point. I'm sorry but I hope that he dies in Civil War.

Now let's look at Paul Bettany (Vision). He is at 43 years of age. What are you doing Marvel? Introducing him as one of the Avengers first and then putting him in the new line-up. On top of that he plays an Android that is supposed to look the same since he doesn't age! I'm sorry but there's no amount of makeup and special effects that can cover that many wrinkles, and saggy skin. Sorry Paul, but the truth hurts sometimes.

The rest of them are okay I guess, none of them above 35 except Mackie, but I guess we can let that one go.

However I do feel that this is a promising line-up and if we let go of the Iron Patriot via his death in civil war we can even it out a little bit. Also this would ignite the tension between Stark and Captain, since some how Steve had some thing to do with his death in some way.

Also there are rumours of the Vision meeting his match in the Avengers Infinity Wars, but nothing yet.

Another thing we can do is to bring back this guy...

Yup! Bring back the Speedster (Via the Infinity Stones (read my article on that) ). He's young, and Marvel also has a multi movie deal with him.

So do you believe that this line-up should be changed or not?


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