ByHarris Iqbal, writer at

Ubisoft has finally released more details on the music aspect of The Division, and has passed the spotlight over to Ola Strandh to showcase what went into creating the music for the game and what you can expect from it.

Ola also manages to recall some of his history as a composer and how it prepared him for the recent role. One thing I personally like is how Ola isn’t shying away from an orchestral score like most electronic composers, but is yet embracing it and mixing it with unique electronic sounds and textures to make it even more memorable and enjoyable. One of his samples from the game can be heard above, and in it you can see that Ola is trying to bring a good balance to both the electronic and orchestral part of the soundtrack, which btw, is no easy accomplishment.

Lastly, a podcast is mentioned at the end of the video, which details the process of crafting the game’s score and Ola’s love for synthesizers. For your convenience it has been embedded below. The release date has not been set for the game, but it will launch for the PS4, Xbox One and PC.


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