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Hey readers! Welcome to another exciting edition of 'mini-Interview'! This week, we look at another one of Moviepilot's dedicated team member's, Dana Abeln!

She's not really Wonder Woman. She's Captain Marvel
She's not really Wonder Woman. She's Captain Marvel

For those who don't know, there's a running joke around the Moviepilotverse that Dana should be Captain Marvel in Marvel's CU. Well, I wouldn't really call it a joke, because she totally should (you listening Feige?)

Anyway, it's time for you all to get to know a little bit more about Dana. Let's start the interview!

Question #1: What's your job at Moviepilot?

In short, I'm a Community Manager at Moviepilot. Generally, that means I get to help build and support Moviepilot's amazing community that I grew to love so much as a Creator myself. Of course, my job duties are more than that and vary widely depending on what we're doing (videos, online support, taking Creators to events, sending Creators awesome perks, etc) . My favorite part about being a Community Manager is definitely meeting everyone online and in person and getting to know all these amazingly creative individuals and helping them along the way. My biggest goal is making everyone happy and making sure they get the attention and support they deserve; whether that's views, meeting the stars, getting to be in a video, or just getting awesome gifts.

Dana does an awesome job as Community Manager! If you've ever received an amazing perk from MP, you can thank her for helping to organize it! And if you haven't yet, don't worry, it's coming for ya. You know who you are.

This next question unintentionally rhymes. Quick heads-up.

Question #2: You were once a Creator like me. How did you end up working for MP?

Well, it's funny because I really didn't think I had a chance but I'll tell you the story anyway. I had been writing for Moviepilot for almost two years by this point. I was stuck at a horrible job that I couldn't stand anymore and the only thing that kept me sane was writing for Moviepilot and going to college. I know how that sounds but it's true, writing has always been therapeutic for me. So, I looked up Moviepilot's job postings and read their hiring page about a million times. I practically had it memorized. I didn't apply right away, I waited a few more months, I really wanted to take it as seriously as possible and I wanted to make sure I would be a good fit before even asking. Well, one day after leaving a horrid night shift at my job, I had had enough and I was ready for the next step. I sent a message inquiring about either being a Content Creator (that's our in house editorial team) or a Community Manager position open at the time. I had them memorized and I figured I'd be a good fit for either. Once again, I thought they'd probably just say no, I mean, I was only a Creator, I figured that wouldn't mean much to them, but the worst they could say was 'no' so I did it anyway. Turns out I was wrong, I wasn't 'just' a Creator. Something I, and I'm guessing, a lot of other Creators don't know, is just how much Moviepilot actually values us as Creators. I went through the interview process and a few weeks later, Aaron messaged me offering a job and I remember breaking out in a full on dance, I was so happy. One thing I can say to Creators is this, we are listening and we are reading everything you write (That means what you write on our social media sites too). Always have fun, just remember to be positive and professional too if you're looking for a job in this field. I can't stress that last sentence enough.

Dana is definitely an example of hard-work paying off! Like us ("us" being Creators) Dana had to start off somewhere, but her hard working and dedication payed off; and now she's enjoying her exciting job at Moviepilot! Let this be a message to all my fellow Creators! Freelancing (i.e writing for free) may seem like a lot of work for nothing, but none of the paid professional writers whose content you read today just started off getting paid to write. We all have to start from somewhere. Just keep writing and you'll find a job, if not at MP, at one of the hundreds of other writing websites willing to give you a chance! THIS I SWEAR!


Question #3: What is your all time favorite movie?

That's a really hard one because I have a lot of favorites. I'm very big into epic adventures and fantasy. I also have a guilty pleasure in watching anything that even resembles a period drama/piece. But, you asked for my all time favorite. That would have to be the Lord of the Rings trilogy (no, I can't choose between them). I had inspirations and such before but those movies sparked something greater within me. I then read the books and delved into more epic fantasies like it. Now, I'm writing my own epic fantasy. It will never be to Tolkien's caliber but I hope one day, whether they read it or (cross my fingers) see it as a movie, I can spark someone else's imagination in the same way.

Because Tolkien's epic adventure series is like Pringles (you can't stop at one), I will allow it Dana. For those who don't know, Lord of the Rings is....there's no one that fits into this category. Anyway, I can't wait to read your awesome fantasy novel Dana! And who knows, maybe the spirit of Tolkien will rise from his grave and congratulate you on it. Actually, nevermind, let's hope that creepy thing doesn't happen...

Question #4: How do you feel about Moviepilot's humongous community?

As I said in my interview with MP editor-in-chief, Alisha Grauso, we're a HUGE community. Like big guys, seriously big.

That's an easy one considering how long I've been a part of it since being a Creator myself to becoming someone who builds and supports it. I love it! I got to be a part of it when there were only a handful of active Creators, and now there are so many! It's been a privilege watching it grow into what it is today. Even a year ago it wasn't as big as it is today. Like I said before, the best part is meeting all these crazily imaginative people, much like myself (so I'd like to think). It's really something when you can geek out with people who love the same things as you do. Especially when you're a girl and you're the only one of your kind that you know.

Yes Dana, life as the only Captain Marvel can be lonely. But fret not! There's literally thousands of us to talk about geeky subjects with! If you want to join the MP community, just click the 'Start Posting' button at the bottom of this article! Join today!

Question #5: Do you have any cool hobbies or interests?

Oh, I have many hobbies! I'm a very curious person, I'm always trying to learn something new. A few hobbies are, learning to code, writing a book, reading, playing video games, but mostly learning something new everyday. I made it a goal in life to at least learn one thing every day. It's proved to be a very useful habit. I'd also considering eating a hobby since I like to do that a lot more than I probably should. And just for fun, a hobby I'd like to get into is working out, for obvious reasons.

Those are awesome hobbies Dana! I tried to learn code once, interesting but difficult. It's funny you mention learning one thing every day; because today, I learned that is illegal to kiss with a mustache in Nevada....In a couple of weeks, I won't be allowed in Nevada.

Question #6: I know it's hard to choose, but could you throw all other heroes into the fire pit and tell me your favorite?

Ahhhh, you're killing me with this one. I love many heroes for various reasons. But you didn't specify if it had to be comic book related (which I have too many to choose from). So, I'm going to go with my real life hero. Well, I guess she's not 'real' considering she's a character on a 90s TV show but Xena Warrior Princess is my all time favorite hero. I had a rough time in elementary school, a sort of 'ugly duckling' phase. I was very nerdy looking, my freckles were very prominent, I had glasses that were too large for my face, my hair was atrocious, and all my clothes were handed down to me. I was made fun of a lot. So, I'd always come home crying and upset from school. Until Xena came on late at night. I'd stay up watching because here was this woman, with all the odds against her, challenging anyone who opposed her. Eventually, I realized I could be like that myself. Now, I'm not particularly proud of how much the show influenced me, but the next day when a little boy decided to make fun of me, I punched him in the face just like Xena would do to an enemy. Obviously, I don't do that sort of thing now but it worked then. I gradually grew a backbone and found 'healthier' ways of dealing with bullies.

Good choice Dana. Xena: Warrior Princess was a favorite of most young adolescents in the 90's, appealing to both boys and girls. While I was never too big of a fan of Xena's (sorry, Power Rangers occupied my TV), it's a super cool show and definitely worth a gander. Also, it's a good thing that you don't punch people now Dana. But with your newly found Captain Marvel powers, and your Warrior Princess attitude, I wouldn't want to step into the ring with you..

Question #7: Your answer could start a war: NY or LA?

There's no competition, LA wins by a long shot. I was miserable in NY. Honestly if it weren't for my husband and his amazing family that lived there, I would have moved away from there a lot sooner. There's just nothing endearing in NY that isn't in LA and LA just does it better. I'm a huge foodie and the food in NY was always bland, whereas in LA it feels like everywhere I go is gourmet in comparison. Let's not even talk about how the weather here in LA is gorgeous even on it's 'bad' days where NY is 70% horrible weather 20% okay weather and 10% good. Like many New Yorkers, I had a vitamin D deficiency because I never went outside because it was so terrible all the time. Plus, I love the west coast mentality so much more.

Oh god, I can hear the battlecries. I don't have enough soldiers for this...

Seriously though, I agree 100% with Dana, and I've never even been to New York! No offense to all you New Yorkers out there. If anything, it's a commendation. It takes a certain kind of bravery to trek across those cold, cold lands.

Well that concludes yet another super awesome 'mini-Interview'! Thanks to Dana for being such a good sport and awesome question answerer! Make sure to follow me and Dana by following any on the links below! Join me next week, as we dive deeper into the life of Cookie Monster! Who knows what deep thoughts he's got stored in that complex cranium of his?

Huh. That's it isn't it? Well alright...
Huh. That's it isn't it? Well alright...

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