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With the upcoming release of Mad Max: Fury Road, I started thinking back to the original three films. Widely acclaimed as one of the best action trilogies in film, there is still much that fans don't know about George Miller's Mad Max franchise.

10. Double Trouble

Hugh Keays-Byrne, who played the villain Toecutter in the original 1979 Mad Max movie, returned over 30 years later for Mad Max: Fury Road. He played the villain once again, this time as the warlord Immortan Joe.

9. Heavy Garb

Aunty Entity, played by Tina Turner in Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome, wore a steel mail dress in the movie. The dress weighed more than 121 pounds (or 55 kilograms)!

8. Cheap Success

The first Mad Max movie had a budget of only $350,000. George Miller worked as a emergency room doctor beforehand to try and raise money for the project.

7. A Talented Nuisance

Tim Burns really got into character as Johnny the Boy in the original Mad Max, even when the cameras weren't rolling. It got to the point where the rest of the cast was so annoyed that they left him behind, still handcuffed to a car when they went off on a lunch break.

6. Old Friend, Or New Enemy?

Lord Humungus, the villain of the second film, was supposed to be Jim Goose, Max's partner from the first movie. While that idea was scrapped, a few hints were left over. For example, the back of Humungus' head is burned, and his gang has a lot of police vehicles.

5. Genuine Madness

Despite the modern 2015 technology, the majority of Mad Max: Fury Road was filmed without CGI. The stunts and explosions that you see are real, and CGI was only used for the landscape, to remove stunt rigging, and for Charlize Theron's fake prosthetic arm.

4. Lingering Injuries

At the beginning of Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior, we can see a few outfit alterations. Reasons for the alterations originate from the ending of the original movie. Max is missing his right sleeve because it was run over by a motorcycle, and it would have needed to be cut off for paramedics to repair the arm. He also has a leg brace because he was shot in the knee in Mad Max.

3. Adopt-a-Dog

The dog from Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior was saved from being euthanized when the makers of the film were checking pet shelters for a dog to act in the movie. This particular dog played around with a rock, which appealed to the filmmakers. After the film, he was adopted by one of the camera operators.

2. An Unexpected Sequel

Beyond Thunderdome originally was supposed to be George Miller's take on Lord of the Flies. He wanted a movie about a group of tribal young children surviving together who are found by an adult. It wasn't an official Mad Max movie until Miller suggested that Max was the adult to find the kids.

1. A (Un)Happy Mistake

In Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior, there is a scene where a stuntman flies off of a motorcycle and hits his leg on a car. He was originally supposed to fly over the car, but the stunt didn't go as planned. The stuntman actually broke his leg badly, but they kept the scene in the movie because it looked cool.

Make sure to catch Mad Max: Fury Road in theaters May 15th!



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