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I'm back!!! sort of. Just a short post while ducking work for a bit. Want to put up some more off-beat vampires but with a twist this time. Looking at some blood suckers from other cultures. Now every region of the world has their own version of the vampire and their battles with heroes of the region.

Problem is we seldom get to see these in the movie theaters here in the good ol US of A. Carpathian counts and assorted Euro-trash lookin things are what we tend to have on our plate 99 percent of the time. But when you go to the deep tracks on the streaming sites or hang around with the serious horror geek <tip of my hat>. Thanks to some large help from the moviepilot and other communities I am exploring a bunch of different vapire traditions in the cinema. Today, due to time constraints, I am only gonna cover three of them. Why 3? Why not! Anyway, to the movies.

Black Sabbath

No not the band, the cool Bava anthology movie. Boris Karloff gives us one of the few western presentations of a Wurdulak (that is so how its spelled!!!) That is an animated, blood drinking creature who is fated to prey on those it loves. Whats its ultimate goal? To turn his whole family, assuming he loved them, into the blood drinking dead. Again, not to give things away but its Karloff and Bava... the vampire does well. Fair warning, this is an anthology so this is only one of three stories. This one wins the prize hands down, probably why they chose to put it on the poster above the others. Even if it were not the best it is always nice to see Karloff strutting his stuff. If you have not guessed I am a fan of his.

Surviving Evil

In my opinion there are two kinds of people. Those who like it when the Filipino shape-shifting vampire creature slaughters the reality film crew and those who don't. I am firmly in the former. Its called an aswang. it is a shape-shifting, baby stealing/eating, blood drinking scary thing. Was also recently featured in the show Grimm so maybe they are becoming hip?!? This film suffers from budget shortcomings but when I first saw it at Shriekfest horror fest and again at an all night horror get together the audiences ate it up. Suggestion is to relax and just shift the brain to neutral for the next couple of hours. Watching Billy Zane fight monsters to the death in manly fashion is always a good time.

A Chinese Ghost Story III

Asian demons are so much cooler.
Asian demons are so much cooler.

Why three. Cause the first 2 are coming up in other lists already, that's why. Now opening up the Chinese supernatural chest is a definite hazard. We are dealing with a whole spiritual tradition that many westerners have no clue as to what they believe, or worse, think they know something and don't really. This film involves ghost, demons with extra long tongues(see above), sacred artifacts and the various interpretations of hell in the cultural tradition. It is also one heck of a fun watch. Now the principal here is the draining of yang energy due to an abundance of yin energy. Though I may have that backwards. In the far east vampires hop, ghouls guide via smell and the best one can hope for sometimes is a decent shot at reincarnation. Of course this film features kick butt action sequences as well as some seriously erotic situations. If you are not an aficionado of Hong Kong cinema this is as good an introduction as any.

Okay, that is it for now. As I said sorry about the short entry but stupid real life keeps getting in the way. Will get more entries into this and other aspect of horror and terror that fascinate me very soon. Toodles!


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