ByBrad Dee, writer at

During the course of two months, we have seen a character that many people didn't really know much about give us a sense of hope, forgiveness and love in a world that it desperately needs. We have seen a character show us that no matter how much somebody hurts us, or how much pain words can cause, we should still be there for those people because it's what makes us human. We have seen a character find the good in anyone, no matter how many people they have hurt or killed because we have to believe that deep down, there is goodness in everyone. We found all of this in a 22 page comic that was trapped inside of a crossover, and it was perfectly done.

Greg Rucka again brings us into the world of Renee Montoya, The Huntress and Batwoman who are going out of their way to stop a unstable Harvey Dent from killing himself in a world where nothing else matters. Harvey has hit the breaking point again, and he feels that he needs to be sacrificed, and the best person to do it is Harvey Dent himself from the Flashpoint world. It shows so much symbolism because he wanted to show that worlds Harvey Dent that he does have darkness inside of him and this is exactly what he could become if even the smallest crack occurs. This issue has so many meanings behind it of love, forgiveness and the future, and it is drawn perfectly by Cully Hammer that it hits us even harder then the words could display. The ending which contains enough tears and pain will cause even the strongest heart to possibly crack. Rucka and Hamner are veteran storytellers who will take you on an emotional journey with this one, but the brilliance is that it isn't just sadness everywhere. There is light and humour in here as well, and the complexities of these characters are embraced. This is one of the best single issues to come from Convergence yet. Without a doubt, this book succeeded where so many other Convergence tie-ins have failed and will make the reader wish that they could continue to watch the journey that these characters take and may even make some readers look into getting some of their past adventures to see what they may have missed. I give this comic a 10 out of 10. Perfection.


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