ByBrad Dee, writer at

For every good or great Convergence tie-in that came out this past week, there was another that made you question what the writers were thinking. This issue displays all of those concerns as both the writing and the art were a stellar mess and caused more problems with the issue then anything positive that came out of it. It's a shame because the main story of Convergence takes place in Gotham City, yet the Batman tie-ins have been mostly the weakest of all the tie-ins. Last issue was probably the weakest of all the tie-ins for week one. This issue drops the ball even more and gives us some terrible fight sequences with writing that makes you almost laugh out loud during it(but not in a good way).

Batman and Robin #2 suffers from more of the same that hurt so many of the other tie-ins. We are forced to enter this world with little direction, and are thrust into a fight that we really don't have much interest or care about. In this issue, we have the Batman family taking on some B-list Justice League Europe villains who most fans would never have seen before. I know I don't know much about them, and after this issue, I won't exactly be looking them up to find out their origins. We have giant dolls, a badly drawn fat woman, and dialogue like "we wanna play" that takes us through this fight. During the whole thing, we have the Batman family telling us again and again how much they love each other and what it means to be family. I'm sure it looked better on paper before it got put into comic form. By the end of the issue, we have a giant cameo by two heroes who will leave you scratching your head asking "why are they here" and "who are they exactly" because it makes no sense. But, it was meant to remind us of family. Cause that's all this issue was. A constant reminder of family. What a mess. I give this issue a 3 out of 10. One of the weakest and badly written tie-ins to Convergence(which is saying alot because there's been a lot of bad tie-ins to this saga).


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