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I like a good story. One of my favorite stories growing up has got to be “The Wizard of Oz”. I saw the movie first, then I read the book much later to see the comparison. Just like any other book adapted to film, there are some minor changes that were made to either pleases the audience or cut down on budget or time. With this post I'm gonna tell you about my version of "The Wizard of Oz" and the origin of each key characters in it. This will be my horrifying take on what happens in the Land of Oz!

The Title:

Instead of the title being “The Wizard of Oz”, I’m changing it to “The O. Zone”. The “O” stands for “Outbreak”. But the “Outbreak” of what... may you ask? A Zombie Outbreak! We’ll get to the zombies later, for now I’m going to primarily focus on the origin stories of the characters in “The O. Zone”!

The cover... minus the color...
The cover... minus the color...


Dora Pan Gonzales survives the storm of the century that teleports her to an alternate universe of her home town Ottawa, where she encounters numerous monsters of all shapes and sizes that she thought only existed in her nightmares. She soon finds that she isn’t in Kansas anymore…

Tag Line:

Lycans, Vampyres and Scares… Oh my!

1- Dora Pan Gonzalez:

Not to be confused with Dora the Explorer.

Dora Pan Gonzales
Dora Pan Gonzales

She is an Hispanic(again not to be confused) 20 something girl from Ottawa, Kansas. She is sucked into a cyclone that teleports her to an alternate universe of her home town. She struggles to find her way back home.

On her journey she encounters a Vampyre named Talos Mahatari, a Voodoo Zombie named Dickon Feathertop, a Chimera/Sphinx named Bin Ji-hat and a Carnivorous Lycan named Rand DeRore. The twist here is that Dora is an alternate version of The Wicked Witch of the West(Much like what happens in Jet Li’s movie “The One”. I’ll get into detail about the Witch later).

2- Otto:

Instead of Totto, we get Otto!

Otto the talking Chihuahua
Otto the talking Chihuahua

He is Dora's pet chihuahua. But here’s the catch(no pun intended). Otto is a regular dog in Dora’s universe, but once he’s sucked in The Wicked Witch’s universe, he has the ability to talk! But he does not want Taco Bell that’s for sure!

3- Talos Mahatari the Vampyre:

In the original story Tin Man needs a heart. Since a heart pumps blood, I found it more fitting to make the Tin Man into a Vampyre named Talos who needs blood.

He is from an alternate universe where Vampyres are real and hunted down if found. He is the last of his kind. He has pet Megabats in his cave that only obey him because the blood of vampyre hunters running in his veins and into his heart.

Megabats instead of Flying Monkeys
Megabats instead of Flying Monkeys

Later on in his life he falls in love with a pygmy woman named Dace(who is an alternate version of Dora). Talos was happy to find that Dace loved him for who he was, even though he was a blood sucking monster(not to be confused with Twilight’s Veggie Vampires).

Soon after, the Wicked Witch of the West visits Talos’ universe to off an alternate version of herself. She accidentally meets up with Talos and surprisingly falls in love with him. When the Witch learns that Talos’ heart is for another, she tries to make Dace not love Talos anymore, but once she learns that Dace is the alternate version herself, that she’s been looking for, she kills her and disguises herself to look like Dace so that Talos wouldn’t notice. To the Witch’s surprise, Talos did notice and wanted to know where Dace was. The witch became more jealous and thinks that if she can’t have Talos, no one can.

She then gets an axe and cuts Talos’ arms and legs off and removes his heart, not knowing that she would have control of the Megabats, but yet they follow her back to her universe and become her "Flying Monkeys".

Inches from death the Good Witch of the North named Vulcana, comes and saves Talos’ life by replacing his heart with a machine one and gives him a robotic suit that not only protects his new heart but his skin so that he can walk in the day and not get burned by the sun. After all he is a Vampyre.

Talos Mahatari by Rand B. Einfeldt
Talos Mahatari by Rand B. Einfeldt

One of the cool parts about his suit is that his right arm can transform into an axe(an ironic weapon to use in killing the Witch), and his left arm can transform into a machine gun.

4- Dickon Feathertop the Voodoo Zombie:

Dickon Feathertop by Rand B. Einfeldt
Dickon Feathertop by Rand B. Einfeldt

The original story has the Scarecrow needing a brain. Since the Scarecrow needs a brain, I decided to have the Scarecrow character in this story be a zombie who needs brains.

After the Witch leaves Talos’ universe, she then visits Dickon’s universe and tries to kill him by sending a horde of zombies after him.

Dickon tries to escape but he zombies bite him. Luckily the Good Witch from the South named Rigby, quickly saves him by making him into a “Scare”. A Scare is a Zombie that acts like a Voodoo Doll for the Wicked Witch. Meaning that whatever happens to Dickon, whether being pierced with a needle or burned by fire, it happens to the Wicked Witch.

The neat twist about Dickon is that he is the male version of Dora from an alternate reality of Ottawa, Kansas. Which explains why the Witch wanted to kill him in the first place.

5- Bin Ji-hat the Chimeran Sphinx:

Bin Ji-hat the Chimeran Sphinx by Rand B. Einfeldt
Bin Ji-hat the Chimeran Sphinx by Rand B. Einfeldt

Instead of a cowardly lion, I decided to use a creature from Greek Mythology called a Chimera; part lion, part goat, part snake and all trouble!

Bin is not satisfied with his form. He wants to be human more than anything. Which is why he made a human mask that makes him look like a Sphinx.

The Witch promises him, that if he helps her kill all the versions of her, she will make him human.

Bin travels to a Werewolf Universe and finds the alternate version of the Witch named Thea. He tries to kill her, but to his surprise, she happens to be a werewolf, and werewolves come in packs! In the pack, there is a werewolf named Rand(I'll get to him later) who is Thea’s boyfriend. Anyway, the pack of werewolves try to chase Bin out of their universe and follow him into the Witch’s universe. When they’re in that universe, Bin brings in the Megabats to finish them off, save Rand. Bin tries to kill Rand but Dora, Talos and Dickon come in. Bin learns that Dora is the last of the alternate version of the Witch and decides to join their group and spares Rand’s life, but keeps an eye on him for the rest of the journey.

The twist in this character is that he secretly works for the Wicked Witch of the West and will lead Dora to the Witch.

The other neat twist is his tail.

The closed tail of Bin Ji-hat by Rand B. Einfeldt
The closed tail of Bin Ji-hat by Rand B. Einfeldt

At first glance it looks like a regular lion tail, but the secret is that the end of the tail opens like a venus flytrap revealing a poisonous snake head inside. Bin uses his snake tail for secretly killing people without his enemy even knowing it.

The opened tail of Bin Ji-hat by Rand B. Einfeldt
The opened tail of Bin Ji-hat by Rand B. Einfeldt

6- Rand DeRore the Carnivorous Lycan:

I know what you’re thinking, “Is this character named after me?” Not necessarily… my name is Irish for “Wolf Shield”. It derives from the word “rim” as in the rim of the shield. Where the “wolf” part came from... escapes me, but I’m betting the shield was for fending off wolves… maybe even werewolves… you never no.

This is just an idea...
This is just an idea...

Anyway, Rand is a werewolf that is more hyena-like in his appearance when he transforms. He came from an alternate universe where werewolves exist. He, along with other werewolves, came to the Witches universe with the purpose to stop the witch from killing all the alternate versions of herself in other universes.

Rand knows that Bin is working for the Witch, but he can’t prove it to Dora. Throughout the journey he is watching Bin so that he can catch him in the act.

The twist with Rand is that he is an alternate version of Talos the Vampyre.

7- The Wicked Witch of the West:

Another idea...
Another idea...

She is making storms in other universes to bring alternate versions of herself into her world to sacrifice them as a tribute in becoming stronger. If she is the only one left she becomes a god!

She finds alternate universes that have different versions of herself. She kills off each version and becomes more powerful by stealing their energy.

Here is the twist with the Witch. Her real name is Dorothy, she is the original Dorothy from “The Wizard of Oz” story gone bad.

Here are the known alternate versions of herself in this story:

Dora: She’s from a similar alternate universe of ours.

Dace: She’s a Pygmy who is from an alternate universe where Vampyres exist.

Dickon: He’s a man who becomes a zombie and is from an alternate universe where Voodoo Zombies exist.

Thea: She’s a werewolf and she is from an alternate universe where Werewolves exist.

So what do you think? Does this make a sweet origin story? Let me know on the comments below!


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