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Zachary Chichwak

Who's side are you on? That's the big question all DC fans are asking themselves over and over and over again. As for myself, I'm in a position that I honestly never imagined I would be in. I have of course read the Dark Knight Returns, many many times. That publication being the springboard for Bruce Wanyne's character in Snyder's upcoming film. What we don't know much of at this point is what era will Henry Cavill's Superman be reflected of. Will this Clark Kent be a mush-mash of random "Super-lore"? Doubtful. Snyder always has a very distinctive style. Everybody has done nothing but talk about Batman. Neglecting the other half of the equation entirely. My favorite comic book heroes in order are Flash, Superman and then Batman. Since I myself dislike all things Marvel (except Daredevil) my world has been consumed by the making of this film. We must be realistic. Batman cannot beat Superman. He CANNOT do it. Any strike that batman lands on him is not a victory. It almost just doesn't matter. We all know this. And what I think Snyder has done, is instead of Batman utilizing Kryptonite to destroy Superman, he's taken away Superman's Battery. In the newly released trailer we see in the final moments a standoff. Batman in one corner and Superman in (or above) the other. No sun. At all. I'm not sure how easily it will be for them to get Kryptonite into the game but it does look like Batman will have some kind of an atmospheric advantage if you can call it that. No sun is good for Batman. But how good we shall see. Most of us were struck dumb when the casting list was slowly put together. Every week we were up in arms and didn't think it could get any worse but it did. It kept getting more and more nonsensical. Holly Hunter, Jesse Eisenberg, Ray Fisher and Scoot McNairy! Such a diverse supporting cast seemed rather arbitrary in the beginning. But now that time has passed we have all had time to think and wrap our minds around the kind of film that is going to placed before us. Sometimes it's difficult to trust casting directors because we already have an idea in our heads what we want from a movie long before it's ever made. The public was ready burn WB to the ground when Michael Keaton was cast as batman in the late 80's. The film then went on to win an oscar, break the worldwide box office record and officially started the cinematic phenomenon that is Batman. Ben Affleck was on a short list of actors to play Batman until Christian Bale was chosen. I look at this now as a past mistake righting itself. I never like Bales Batman. They were great films but were just so far outside what I'd already had planned in my head it hard to enjoy them fully to be perfectly honest. I think Affleck is going to kill in this role. Many will continue to complain before and after the release. In the long it still won't matter. Those same people will still pay to go and watch it. I can't stand Marvel comics but I still went and saw Age of Ultron. These films are creating new benchmarks, every one of them. If you enjoy the DC/Marvel rivalry as I do, you know it can't be done from just one side. Batman v Superman is going to make history in any event. I believe it will be the highest grossing film of all time, for a while. People are very passionate about their Superman and Batman stories. It doesn't matter who you like more, it's a win for both of them as far as I'm concerned. They are the godfathers of comic book heroes. This whole industry was created around these two men. One who has everything physically, and more. A God. The other is the flip side to the coin. The other is merely a man. A man with skills and resources. Same overran goals. Drastically different approaches. DC's universe is building at a much slower rate, but WB is the studio that gets oscars for their superhero films. They have oscar winners portraying these pop culture icons. The film won't feel like it's simply the next chapter to something. A mere skipping stone to whatever's next. Marvel has the next chapter. DC has films.


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