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This will be quick and to the point. This will take place after Freddy's Dead and end after Jason goes to Hell. depict Freddy's search for Jason.

(Scene Location: 1428 Elm Street)(Room: Storage Room)

Freddy's badly injured: His daughter Katherine cuts his glove off, she then takes a pipebomb and shove's it through Freddy's chest.

Katherine: Happy Father's Day!

Freddy: Kids

Freddy explodes presumably dead and sent to Hell.

(Scene Location: Hell)

A dimly lit decaying place. An odor fills the air with no visible source, the sounds of billions of tortured souls cloud the catacomb-like abyss that is, and Freddy's gathered souls begin to forcibly leave him weakening him in the process.

Freddy: Aaah! Aah...Ah.....(Murmuring to himself) Once again my children betray me. My sweet daughter Katherine sent me back here to this...hellhole. Now that's a bitch! She doesn't know it yet, but she's more like Freddy than she thinks. I need to find a way out of here, but i'm weak and I feel the children leaving me. It's more painful than the past few times. Being human again...Fuck it! I no longer feel my daughter, or her kids in Elm Street. There are no more children in Elm Street. I wish I could rest until the children came back-

Unknown Trio of Voices: Freddy Kreuger! You have squandered your powers and failed!

Freddy: Ow, Gaaah, Aaaah! What the Fuck! Gaah, Aah, Aaaah. Ouch!

The unnamed demons who granted Freddy his powers force themselves out of Freddy, and surround him.

The Unnamed Demons: You were beaten again, but this time by your own daughter.

Freddy: Thanks for the recap, bitch, bitch, and uh...bitch.

The Unnamed Demons: Your in no position to be making jokes, your stuck here without your powers. Your dead; another soul doomed to be subjected to the full torturous horrors of hell.

Freddy: Please! Gimme a break I can fix this I just need time to recover, and return to the dreamworld.

The Unnamed Demons: You've lost that luxury, your a regular soul now; no special treatment.

Freddy: Wait! There are no more children in Elm Street. How can I collect souls? I'm at disadvantage! I'm weak, please...

The Unnamed Demons: No Children? Your too weak to do it alone. You need help.

Freddy: HELP!?! Freddy works-

The Unnamed Demons: Go to the pits, there you'll find what you need.

Freddy: Don't you mean Who-

The Unnamed Demons: We will appear when your done.

The demons vanished in a fiery vortex surrounding Freddy. Freddy walks a cartilage-ridden path of moving flesh and limbs completely powerless.

(Scene Location: Hell/The Pits)

After walking song he lost all sense of time, Freddy arrives in the pits: A hive-like room appears, filled with endless monitors depicting the worst living entities possible. Freddy starts his search for not a partner, but a golem. Freddy again murmurs to himself.

Freddy: Freddy doesn't need a partner, Freddy needs a puppet. I don't look forward to this.

Freddy searches for what seems like decades, rejecting person, creature, and monster looking for the perfect "helper". Freddy nears the end of his search when he finds what he's looking for.

Freddy: Hmmm...Norman, not strong enough...MMMicheal Myers...He's definitely strong enough, but maybe too smart...AAAha! Jason Voorhees! Strong, Not too Smart, and Ooooh Mommy issues! Perfect. I found him, I found my golem. Ehhehehehehe. Ye-

The Unnamed Demons return in a fiery vortex, and surround Freddy.

The Unnamed Demons: We're impressed, this only took you two years. You've selected Jason Voorhees. He was filled with a l lot of anger and rage during his stay here. We gave him the tools to take his revenge on those campers for what they did to his mother. He-

Pamela Voorhees rises up from unknown in the surroundings.

Pamela Voorhees: NOT MY JASON, I protected him. You will not make him your puppet!

Freddy: I'm too weak for this shit!

The Unnamed Demons: It's done, but you will still be weak when we reinstate your powers. You will have to wait until the children return to Elm Street before you can return to the dreamworld. You will have just enough power to "convince" Jason Voorhees.

Freddy shout as the three demons reenter him granting him his powers.

Freddy: Aaaaah...I'm coming, Jason Voorhees!

Pamela Voorhees: No! You Can-

Freddy jams his newly restored claw hand into Pamela Voorhees, absorbing her into him, He snickers:

Freddy: I'm your mother now, Jason!

Freddy watches the monitors as the ending events of "Jason Goes to Hell" are unfolding. Freddy races to just Under the sight where Jason's mask fell after Jessica stabbed him in the chest. Freddy uses his signature extending arm to reach back into the living world and grab Jason's mask. Freddy once more murmurs to himself:

Freddy: And now we wait for my children to return to Elm Street.

(Scene Location: Hell ten years later)

Freddy gets a familiar feeling The children have returned to Elm Street. The events of "Freddy vs Jason" are beginning. Freddy shapeshifts into Pamela Voorhees to wake Jason up.

Freddy(disguised as Pamela Voorhees): Jason, Wake up!


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