ByRonald Mayorga, writer at

As some comic book fans may already know, "The One Above All" is God of the Marvel multiverse and is responsible for all life in the Marvel multiverse and possibly beyond. He is the sole proprietor of all things and is only seconded by The Living Tribual. The One Above All is omnipresent, omnipotent and it's basically what we understand as the Catholic/Christian God. The One Above All has been known to influence Marvel Super Heroes throughout the comic books. He can be seen helping Peter Parker through tough times when Aunt May becomes hospitalized. The One Above All is seen congratulating the Fantastic Four for their efforts to explore the multiverse. Stanley could easily be The One Above All, observing the Marvel heroes and their exploits making sure that they're following the path that he himself may have laid out, and ensuring that they continue on their heroic efforts to save mankind. The presence of The One Above All could also be hinting towards the presence of the Beyonder, to the hopefully up and coming Marvel movie "Secret War". One thing is clear, because Stan Lee is at the center of the Marvel multiverse, logic mandates that he play an important role to the universe, and what better role is appropriate to it's creator, than a character who's very existence is vague in the Marvel multiverse, and is can only be rationed as it's creator.


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