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I love DC, and I really like Marvel, but I grew up with DC and I kind of got into comics via the DC movie and TV that I watched, so it just
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In Saint Agnes Orphanage, there were not a lot of people that would get on, none one who was their already would like the new kids, and no one who arrived as a new kids would like the kids that were already there. When it came to time where they could do things like watch TV or play games, they would do those kind of things together, not because they liked it, but they knew that they would get the Sisters angry, and they always took things a little to far with their punishments did the Sisters. If they were punishing one of the naughty boys, you would hear his screams from the other side of the orphanage, and then you would see him limping or holding his arm the next time you saw him.

But there were the occasional friendships that were made, the occasional alliance against all the other kids that would make two of the children stronger than everyone else. One of these friendships was between an odd couple, so strange, you couldn't actually make it up.

He was 14 and she was 11, but they found each other, as they both had something in common, they were the only of their kind, both outsiders fighting again the rest of the outsiders. He was the only blind kid in the orphanage and she was the only Asian in the orphanage, although the link was so thin on paper, it was so strong in real life, they barely left each others sides. But it was only for a short time, as the girl would have to leave, 2 years later, she would be moved to a new orphanage across the country, for a strange reason.

They missed each other and but they both know that one day, they would meet again, whether it be in an orphanage or somewhere as bizarre as the real circumstances that would eventually bring them together just over 17 years after they met, on a battle ground, united against a mad titan who would planned to take over the earth with five strange and mystical stones, known only as Infinity Gems.

But the story of how they first met is what would set them on that path, what would decide the fate of humanity.


She was being hit for what seemed like no reason, and it was in fact for no reason, Matt could tell by what they were saying. The bullies were the ones that always would go for the new ones, no matter who they were: boy or girl; black or white; rich or poor, you were all at the mercy of these guys. But this time, he could tell that there was something different about her, something he had never encountered in anyone else, and he knew at that moment that he would act.

He walked over to the bullies and said,

"Hey, get off her." The nearest boy turn to Matt,

"Oh, and what is little blind Matty going to do, is he going to kick the shit out of me?" Squaring up to Matt. Matt was never big, and he never looked strong, but he could fight, but he could fight. Stick had taught him how to bright down a proper martial artist, this kid, Denver, was no problem.

I hit to the side of the knee with his cane to knock him off balance, a punch to the right side of his rib cage to wind him and a punch to his throat so he really couldn't breath. He fell to the floor in a matter of seconds, unconscious. The other three boys looked at Matt, and ran at him. Matt rammed his hand into the first boys stomach, then swinging his cane to his the other boys nose, breaking it, making a loud creaking sound, at least to Matt.

He then kicked one of the boys in the face leaving left two standing.

He struck a second on in the through, leaving the last one, with blood running from his nose.

Matt decide that this was to be a grand finish, his ace in the hole. He jumped and pushed off the wall, then flipping forward and kicking boy in the face, making him fall to the floor.

Matt then rand over to the girl, grabbing her arm,

"We need to get out of here, if we don't then there is no chance that the sisters will think that it was their fight." He says, running down the corridor then slowing down and using his cane as he hears a sister coming closer.

"Mathew, why are you with Mary, she's supposed to be with Denver, he's her guide." The sister says, looking at them both,

"Denver got in another sister, he's back still there I think." Matt says, listening for her to go out of ear shot. The girl, evidently called Mary rips her arm away from him,

"What the hell, are you pretending to be blind?" She asks, looking at him in horror,

"Can we talk, I can sense that your scared." He says, pointing at a room at the end of the hall, that room is mine, it's quiet in there." He says, chucking to himself. It was the quietest place in the building, but it was hell for him, he couldn't stop hearing every single thing.

They both walked into the room, and Mary turned to look at Matt, "My question still stands, are you actually blind?" She sits on his bed, arms crossed. He turns to her, his cane in both hands.

"Yes, I am legally blind, I can't see out of my eyes." Matt says, looking almost directly at her,

"Then how the hell do you see?" Mary asks,

"Well, its like I sense the world, I don't see it. I hear mostly, but I can smell and taste it. In my mind I have a view of the world, I can almost visualize." He says,

"What does it look like?" Marky asks,

"A world on fire." Matt says, pausing, "Wait, there is something different about," He says abruptly, "Something that is very..." Matt pauses again, "It's almost not human." He says.

"If you're referring to me being Asian, then I swear to god I will kill you." She says, smiling at him,

"No, its something else." He says, thinking.

"So you're saying I'm not human? Now who's the weirdo?" she asks. Matt laughs,

"I wouldn't say not human, but I would say different, and unique." He laughs again,

"So you're saying that I'm weird?" Mary asks,

"In the best possible way." He says, laughing a little. There is a long silence between them, just over a minute, what seemed like an age before Mary spoke again, "Could you see before?" She asks Matt,

"Yes, I lost this when I was 7." Matt says, moving a little, remembering the accident,

"Well, you might be lucky, there are some people who are blind all their life." Mary says. Matt laughs loudly, seeming at something not very funny,

"Someone once told me that." He says.

"Do you miss anything?" Mary asks, standing up and walking towards Matt.

"Ye, there are thing that I wish I could see, again at least," He says, "My father, my house, my daddy fighting gear and the sky." On that last word, Matt looks up at the ceiling, "If I could see my dad and the sky again, I would be happy enough to die." He says. "What about you Mary, what would you miss if you were blind?2 Matt asks,

"Not the name Mary, that is for sure." She says, groaning, "I hate it, the sisters at my old orphanage gave it to me." She says, walking to the window.

"Maybe we can give you a new one," Matt says, "I mean you can go by another name hear, no one really knows your name, so if you tell people your name is something else, it will become that." Matt says. Mary laughs, then thinks fr a moment,

"OK then, what should I be called?" She asks,

"Mandy, Susie, Daisy?" Matt says,

"I hate all of them." She says looking out of the window again, "What about Skye?" She asks, looking at Matt,

"That's an odd choice." He says, looking at her,

"You said you wanted to see the sky again, but you can't see it," She says, "If I'm Sky, then you can see the sky again." She says laughing,

"Well it's up to you, I do prefer Daisy though, just for the record." Matt says,


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