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Okay so before I begin i just want to talk about something that happen 3 days prior to what i'm about to tell you. I witnessed this twice and i am pretty confident that these are the signs that you will be visited by a skinwalker. 3 days before my aunts birthday me and my cousin were outside playing with the puppies as we were gonna put them back in their cage we saw a rattle snake and my aunt killed it and threw it away. The next day we were playing outside and i was running to the back of the house when I saw what looked like a dog laying there so I walked up to it. As I approached it I noticed it was a coyote and the head was cut off... like completely straight off like someone used a sword to cut its head clean off. We took the body away and dumped it at a ditch a couple miles away. The next day was my aunts birthday and it was like at the end of June.

So as i was saying...

Day one = rattle snake.

Day two = coyote.

Day three = skinwalker.

I seen this happen twice so i personally believe these are the signs before they visit you. Idk if any other navajo had experienced this other thana friend of mine who agrees with me.

The third day.. My aunt was turning 27 and being a birthday party they had a little fire with a couple of beers and friends. Me and my cousins had put up our tents to camp outside but we all happen to fall asleep inside on the couch. I remember waking up because i heard a phone ringing which was my dads, it was like 3:00am. I just laid there but I couldn't fall back to sleep because all the dog's were barking. Out of no where i heard someone banging the back door but i was too scared to answer it then I heard my dad getting up so I laid there. As he walked to the back door the banging stopped then someone started knocking the front door (this was a fast knock though) he was just like "what the hell?" As he was about to unlock the bottom lock I heard my aunt and her friend screaming banging the back door again so he ran to the back and unlocked it. My aunt and her friend ran in so fast screaming "There's something out there! There's something out there!" then she slammed the door. My dad finally calmed them down and now everyone was up and came into the livingroom. This is what my aunt told us...

"I woke up because I could smell something dead. I just laid there for awhile and i could hear what sound like foot steps running around the house and on top of the roof so I woke (her friend) up and we both listened awhile before I told her call (my dad) to tell him to come outside to get us because we were scared. We heard foot steps on the roof and it got close to us so we just laid together and it got closer and the dead smell got worst. I got the phone and tried to call again but the key pad tone was too loud that whatever was walking behind the tent stopped and as soon as it heard the ringing sound it ran but tripped over the stakes in the ground that held the tent down (lol) but he wouldn't answer then out of nowhere we heard a whistle blow (the type of whistle she heard was the kind a medicine man would use during a traditional blessing) and then all the dog's in the neighborhood started barking like crazy. We both sat up and just sat there listening to whatever was running around the house then it stopped. We decided to make a run for the door but we hesitated a while before unzipping the tent. When it got quiet again i unzipped the tent and we ran towards the door and started banging it that's when he answered it." It was just them two outside that whole time. After they told us we were all scared and we all sat in the livingroom the rest of the night. During that whole time we could hear dogs barking, something running on top of the roof, and scratching on the walls. Finally about 6am the sun came up and it started to light up outside. We all walked out to see if there was any foot prints around the house and what we found will forever haunt me. There was so many animal tracks. It went from sheep hooves to dog, cow, coyote, horse and huge prints that looked like bear paws. The ashes from the fire were all over. Whatever was bothering us covered its hands with it and crawled over my dad's new truck which had hand prints going from the back to the front of the truck and the other rides. There was hand prints all over the windows plus the house windows. My grandma then got a medicine man to bless us and the house. He told us that there was two people who bothered us that night. A man and lady. As the man ran around the house the woman watched from the bushes in back of the house. And when my aunt and her friend were banging on the back door the man was knocking front the door. We don't know what would have happen if my dad opened the front door.. i am just so glad he didn't.....


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