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Lets just keep it short i like action movies,basketball and the out doors.
Destin Clemmons

Alright so as you obviously know the trailer for Batman vs Superman has been released, now people have discussed trailer reactions,reviews e.t.c. But no one has really gone in depth of opinions regarding the content that will be expected in this film. I'm a huge fan of action films i choose it over any other movie genre. Long description short i enjoyed the trailer and since it was only a teaser it got me that much more pumped with the dark gritty tone they're going with in this film. Now the previous Man of Steel was good and all and i own it as a matter of fact but i didn't like the way superman's fighting was.It was way off we spend most of the movie seeing him get tossed into building causing more damage than hurt! however this is a huge improvement from Bryan singers superman returns which was horrible and covered in sugar (to much romance).

Here's what im hoping for batman vs superman, i wanna see more punching from superman i already know batman's got that covered. I really hope they do a brief origin story of wonder woman because shes obviously a new character for the big screen. Super hero movies now days have a problem with explaining new characters so i really hope they go a little in depth with wonder woman. She also needs to get her hands nice and dirty and fight just as hard as any other super hero would, women are capable of punching just as good as guys some even better then guys if you know what i mean. Now in the trailer we see a stand off between batman and superman indicating there will be a fight. i hope they even out the fights in this film well considering we technically have a civilian facing a god. Realistically we all know that superman would win if this was reality but i would like to see a evenly well balanced fight between the two. wonder woman is one of the main reasons why i will be seeing this movie because we have spent years watching only men playing super heroes on the big screen and they really need to express more and give others a chance to. I will be doing an article about that later on. But to close off i have high expectations for this movie and i do believe this will be the official start of DC's come back because we all know marvel is way over the top of its game right now. So what would you guys like to see in this upcoming film? share your thoughts below.


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