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I was recently working on an article about the hobbits from The Lord of the Rings and I read that Billy Boyd, who plays the lovable yet clumsy hobbit Pippin, is now in a band, called Beecake. I thought it was pretty cool, but a couple days later I was listening to Spotify, where I found several of their albums. I started listening to one of their songs, "Perfect Time", and I was instantly hooked. You can listen to it yourself here:

Pretty good right?

Beecake started out in 2006 when Billy Boyd and his friends were having a discussion about whiskey in a bar in Glasgow, Scotland. The conversation turned to music, and they remembered how much the fun they had when they had previously played music together. They decided to start playing together again, this time as the band Beecake. Billy got the name for the band after his friend Dominic Monaghan (who played Merry in LoTR) sent him a picture of a cake covered in bees.

In 2009, Beecake released their first album, Soul Swimming. It shot up to the top of international MySpace charts in no time, and they even received a small award for "Best Live Act".

Their second album dropped in 2012, titled Blue Sky Paradise. This album featured two of their hits, "Please Stay" and "The Clown". Both songs have music videos directed by award-winner Michael Ferns.

Beecake is currently composed of four very talented members:

  • Billy Boyd performs lead vocals and plays guitar.
  • Billy Johnston performs backup vocals and plays both guitar and piano.
  • Rick Martin performs backup vocals and plays bass.
  • Paul Burke plays drums.

You can check out Beecake's "Please Stay" video here:


Beecake's Official Website:


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