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You see all these Superheroes whizzing round the streets, skies and seas saving innocent people from the bad guys. But the Doctor does this too, he saves innocent people from Daleks, Cybermen ETC. Surely that makes him a Superhero too? This is where you're all shouting by saying "no, he doesn't have Super Powers". Just because he doesn't have Super Powers doesn't mean he's not a Superhero. Does it?

Superheroes are people born with powers or have grown onto building and applying their own powers that they can use to defeat their enemies. Superheroes save the world all the time. Is that what makes them Super? Well that makes the Doctor Super too as he does the exact same and you can't deny it!

Every Superhero as a greatest enemy. Superman's greatest enemy is Lex Luther. Batman obviously has the Joker. You get the idea. But look at the Doctor, he has a greatest enemy, the Daleks!

Compare Batman to the Doctor

If you compare Batman and the Doctor they are similar. As Batman grew up as a normal boy with no powers, Bruce Wayne (Batman) wanted to get rid of Crime and Evil off the streets. Which the Doctor does. He stops the Evil ones from taking over and destroying the world. He always stops them. Bruce started training himself to intellectual and physical perfection. He learned many fighting skills so he could fight the enemies. These include chemistry and criminology. Even some martial arts. Batman carries numerous gadgets along with him. Just like the Doctor, he uses numerous skills to defeat enemies. To tell you the truth the Doctor has numerous gadgets too. So he must be a Superhero.

Home Planets

Many Superheroes are from other planets as well. Superman comes from Krypton and Captain Marvel from Hala. The Doctor is also from another planet. Gallifrey.

In my eyes the Doctor is a Superhero as he saves the world like the others. If the Doctor wasn't around, who would stop the Daleks? Batman? No!

So what do you think? Is the Doctor really a Superhero? Share your thoughts.


Is the Doctor a Superhero too?


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