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“That Suggests That What You Fear Most of All, Is Fear Itself. This Is Very Wise.” Remus Lupin.

Ammon Amadeuz was a great wizard,person and father who took care of his children like no other, after his wife Lucy was murdered years ago.

He tried to be strong for his children he didn't want them to suffer like he did.

He was coming back home from buying some quidditch equipment for his children , when a strange hooded figure came close, put the imperius curse on him then a female voice said;

"I am not strong enough, you will kill the wife of the man who rejected me'.

So he did as he was told and flee the scene.

The next day he woke up and couldn't remember anything of what had happened, but noticed that he forgot to 'buy' the equipment for his kids so he went back to the store and on his way there he heard the news that Molly Rigby wife of Desmont Rigby and mother of 3 children was murdered and the dark witch Morgan le Fay was the main suspect.

That reminded him about the tragedy that took his wife so he decided to keep on walking because the memory was too hurtful.

He was on his way home, he went into a dark alley , when the same hooded figure from last night stopped him and took off her hood to reveal her face, it was Morgan le Fay.

"what have you done to that poor woman" said Ammon.

"you know the truth Ammon" she said.

Then used occlumency on him and Ammon remembered what he had done, he had caused the same pain that himself had felt before, he felt devastated, depressed, ashamed of himself.

"I know you can't live with all this guilt and that you will turn yourself in to the aurors, then they will know I am not the murderer." said le Fay with a smile, then left.

Days passed and he couldn't sleep, he couldn't deal with the guilt, but he couldn't turn himself in to the aurors, he couldn't leave his children, he feared what could happen to them without him.

He was reliving what he feared the most but this time as the killer...

He couldn't see happy families anymore because he wanted that happiness but he knew that thanks to all the guilt he felt, happinees would be the last thing he ever had, so he decided to use magic.

He decided to take out all the fear,depression,sadness and guilt from his soul, he wanted to be happy again, but something went wrong in the process and dark ghostly figured came out of his mouth, it was his soul, all the happiness that was left of him was gone, but his soul couldn't rest, so he went into a quest for happiness without caring about how he'll get it, even if he had to take it from someone else.

He took the happiness of hundreds of people but that didn't stop his hunger it just took out the soul of those people who turned into the same dark creature as him, the same creature that looked for the happiness it will never have, the same creature that didn't realize he was Ammon Amadeuz anymore but the personification of fear itself.


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