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His parents were "shiftless and unsuccessful farm people...his imagination never really accepted him as his parents at all." He could never accept himself to truly be the son of these people, but he knew he was bound for greatness. When he was only 17 he changed his name from James Gatz, to the infamous Jay Gatsby. From there, it was inevitable what he dreamed for himself. It was when he was stretched out on the beach in his grubby clothes that he noticed a yacht in peril. This Yacht was owned by the very rich, millionaire, Dan Cody. He helps this man and he decides to let Gatsby sail with him. So he buys him the proper yacht gear, and off they go, Jay Gatz abandoning his roots. Dan Cody raises the young boy and teaches him how to be a proper gentleman. Which is where Gatsby picks up the phrase "old sport." But when Cody dies, his inheritance is taken by Cody's real kids and once again he is left with nothing. He then joins the military and right before he goes off to war, him and other soldiers were invited to a party at a very rich women's mansion. This is her intention to find her daughter Daisy a man to marry. When he first lays his eyes on her, he fell for her. He then follows her to the greenhouse where they share a moment, and they both realize they would never love anyone again.

But he had to go to war, and during this period, a man named Tom Buchanan sweeps her off her feet and gives her a string of pearls and asks her to marry him. Daisy seemed to be fine with this, until she receives a letter from Gatsby, where she then goes into a crying fit saying to tell him Daisy changed her mind. But her mother forces her to pick herself up and marry the man anyways. During their honeymoon, Tom crashes his car and had a chamber maid with him. And from there on Tom was abusive, a cheater, and he would do as he pleased. He is a brute of a man, and will have his way no matter what.

So Gatsby moved to west egg. Right across from Daisy's new home, and Nick lives right next door to Gatsby. They soon become friends and Gatsby would never have known what true friendship was if not for Nick Carraway.

Nick is Daisy's cousin, and friends with Tom. They went to college together, and Nick always wanted to be a writer but gave it all up to sell bonds. Soon things get uncomfortable as Tom is having him meet the woman hes cheating on Daisy with, and pretty much forces him at this point. But throughout all these unjust actions, Gatsby has been throwing parties all the time, hoping that one day Daisy might attend. But once he finds out that she is nicks cousin, he asks if he could invite her to tea and they can meet again. Nick complies, and after five years of not seeing each other, the spark in their hearts is back. Drama becomes them, as Tom starts to understand why Daisy keeps slipping away and seeing Gatsby a lot. Daisy tells Gatsby she doesn't want to be with Tom anymore and wants to be with him. So after their little romance has gone on for some time, he tells daisy she must tell Tom. But as she gets the chance she seems very nervous and doesn't seem to really want to do it. She tells Gatsby she loved both of them, which then confuses him. And later that evening as they drive her back home, she strikes Toms mistress with Gatsby's car, killing her. Gatsby decides to take the blame and Nick is furious with him. But Gatsby explains that everything will be ok, and Daisy will call him in the morning so they can leave west egg and be together. But Nick knows Daisy wont do this, but decided not to say anything, something he soon regrets. Tom convinces his mistresses husband that Gatsby killed her, and something should be done about it. Nick stays with Gatsby that night and he tells Nick the truth about himself. About the way he came up with his money with illegal things, his true identity, and his love for Daisy. And after Gatsby confides this in Nick, at sunup, Nick says he has work and must go. But Nicks last words to Gatsby are:

“They’re a rotten crowd,” I shouted across the lawn. “You’re worth the whole damn bunch put together.”

and Nick was always glad that he said these words. Because soon after he gets a call to work that Gatsby, is dead. He is in shock and he tends to it right away. The horrible part is that none of Gatsby's "Friends" showed up to his funeral. It was just Nick, who wrote letters to family, and The only people to attend the funeral are Nick, Owl Eyes, a few servants, and Gatsby's father, Henry C. Gatz, who has come all the way from Minnesota. Henry Gatz is proud of his son and saves a picture of his house. This is in the book, not the movie. In the movie its just Nick. And not even Daisy came. Daisy, the girl who "loved him" flees town with her husband and daughter. So in the end, Gatsby did have a great life, but he wanted his life to have her. His dying words on the end of his lips were "Daisy." And Daisy and Tom were careless people, who wrecked people and things in their way.

And that is Jay Gatsby.

The book is amazing, movie is amazing, you need to read it and see it. Its a very tragic book and movie and if i "spoiled it" tough we read this in highschool.

Deal with it.

And honestly this man deserved a fricken Oscar for this movie!


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