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One night my friend Ruby and I were younger about nine and my friend Ruby would go one saying " Rebecca who's that??" . I would look in her direction and see nothing. Her eyes went jet black and in the most creepish way, her tone of voice changed to the sound of a little girl. This ghost went on and proclaimed "I will be back". For once, I was scared tof my best friend. The next ten minutes prior to one in the morning, she came to. I asked her " Are you okay....?". She replied back saying "Becky I'm fine...why what happened..?". I replied slowly and clearly what just happened. He expression on her face changed from confused to frightened. As she stood up and looked at the clock she remarks " Becky I though it was 12:50..." . My reply struck her into reality again as I stood up and proclaimed, "Ruby, you were possessed by a girl name Katie at twelve fifty...". She stared at the clock and then asked questions about Catherine. " Do you know anything about Catherine?" Ruby remarked. My reply stunned her, " as matter of fact I do.. He was my dads sister who died when she was six weeks old.." . She fell onto the floor knees first and stayed there as I went to bed.
The next morning my parents are still asleep and Ruby and I went downstairs and we come in contact with her again. This time, I saw her too. We made out way to the bathroom and my mind exploded when I read the message on the mirror. The mirror stated, 'I had fun with you two, do you want to play?'. Ruby was just about to scream when I covered her mouth with my hand. "Shut up, do you want to get in trouble?" I remarked to her. She shook her head no and ran out of the bathroom. I ran after her, only to be stopped by the ghost in the living room. The ghost remarked ' Do you want to play??' . Ruby and I ran out into the yard and found places to hide. We used hand signals from that moment on to communicate. When she left us alone in the yard, we came out and sighed realved.
To this day we remember that day like the back of out hands. That will always be in our lived even though we're both the same age, we sometimes see her creep down and up the stairs.

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