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Some years ago,I visited a friend home around brunch on a Sunday. I parked my car on the street in front of their home as I usually did. Walking up the path to the house I noticed someone standing in the front door looking out. (The front door was full leaded glass). There was an obvious figure standing on the other side of the door. I thought it was my friend or one of his family members as you could not make out features, just a shape. I stood looking at them looking at me for about thirty seconds. The figure turned and walked into the house. I thought well maybe they didn't see me? I knocked on the answer? I knocked again, and again.... I walked around to the rear of the house where they usually parked their car? I know I saw someone looking thru the leaded glass front doors.

I would not be able to identify the person I saw, if they were being robbed I was not leaving ,I walked to the front of the house and sat on my car. As I sat there,the figure walked to the leaded glass door again,this time leaning as to be peering out thru the thick glass doors. Maybe they didn't want to be bothered? Should I leave? The family car was not there,nothing looked strange like the house was entered illegally. .... I was bewildered this was and still is one of my best friends,family was a better description. If he knew it was me,he would not leave me standing out there,even if there was a problem. He would acknowledge me.

I would not leave. I sat out in front of their home for two hours until they pulled up. They had been to church,then brunch afterwards. I asked if someone was visiting,because everyone was accounted for ....No,why do you ask? Somebody is in your house,if they left they didn't come out the front,my exact words were "we should call the police ". There was my friend, his two brothers, one of his brothers wife,their baby,and his parents. All standing in the driveway staring at me. Their calmness affected me....what do we do? They all turned and walked into the house.....with me standing in the driveway with my mouth open.

I followed, everyone was sitting in the living room. I walked in behind everyone took a seat on the floor in front of the TV. They each told me their own account of an angry spirit that inhabits their home. We started talking around two o'clock. the time we were winding the stories down it was nearly eight,and dark. As people started to get up and get out of their Sunday clothes I heard noises,pots in the kitchen sink being moved,but every one was on the other side of the house getting into more comfortable clothes.

My friend asked me if this was my first encounter with a spirit? No it wasn't but it was the most clear,and indisputable one.Needless to say I am a believer and no one can tell me different.


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