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I've start reading some post that talk about this, and I want to share you some stories (may not be the most terrifying, but they are as real as I am). Sorry for my bad english, but you'll understand.

1. The beach.
Some friends went to the private beach of the Highschool the last year. The "Enramada" is a very hazardous zone (in Mexico), you can't even swim there, because the continental slope starts in 3m (Many students and teachers had died there, even people not related to the school). The point is that this a beach full of spirits. My friends were drinking and fell asleep on the sand, they 3 had the same dream: A dark figure came close to them, he was big, like Undertaker they said, and he just stood behind Mike (who was in the middle), looking, then he started to talk to them, but no one remember what did the man said.

2. Some sounds?
My aunt was a vident, she used to see ghost and things like that. Some of my cousings used to see those things when they were kids. I've never seen anything, but I'm not exempt heritage. I hear things. When I was like 7 years old, I was alone in the living room, waiting for my parents to come home. I knew I was alone. I got nervous when I hear a clap comming from the kitchen. I kept quiet and...there! another clap, but this time harder. I started to hear more claps, they were harder and harder, I didn't realize that they were getting harder because they were coming closer. When I hear the claps near to the living room, I hide behind the sofa. I started to cry as I hear the claps in front of the sofa, I didn't see anything underneath the sofa. Fortunately my parents came just in the right moment, but they never believed me.
Another time, like 4 years ago, I had a dream: In my dream I woke up, I hear someone calling me, but not by my name, I don't know how to describe it, it wasn't saying my name, but it was clearly calling me. I got up and walk throug the halls and living room, following the calling. I open the backyard door, walk across the grass to the myrtle tree, I gaze at the tree, the voice/sound was comming from there, but as I said, I don't see things, I just hear things. I started to look in every direction, trying to fing who was calling me, and I end up looking a loong time at the treetop. Then I woke up. I was standing just in front of the myrtle tree, and I still hearing something, then I felt a stun, after that I hear a cricket. It was like, when I woke up, the voice turned into a shrill. I started to look for the cricket, I wanted to find it, but I couldn't. Not knowing what to do, I went to my room and tried to sleep, I felt a little dazed.
Those are the scariest things that I've experienced, but in another weird situations I felt a daze. (I also feel it when I went to the Enramada beach)
I feel like as I'm growing up, I'm loosing that hability to hear things, just as my older cousins don't see anything anymore, but sometimes, I got daze, and I don't know if is normal, or my mind is supressing the claps and the callings.

3. The stories of the bonfire.
When my classroom went to the Enramada, at the night, around the bonfire, whe started to share some stories. But it all get more serious when we talk about the experiences of the guys graduated two years ago, a story excelled: A group of friends were in a sleepover, one girl brought a ouija, and they all started to play. Everyone was laughting, thinking about that one of them were moving the planchette. In the "game" they contact a evil presence denominating himself as "the devil". The girl who live in that house, joking, said "I want to meet you, show yourself", and the planchette started to move randomly. All the girls get mad because that wasn't funny, and they started to ask who was the person moving the planchette, but no one were. They get scared and trow away the ouija. The next day, in the morning, all the girls went to their houses. A few days later, the phone the girl of the sleepover house start to ring constantly, when she answered a man voice said "You really want to know me? tell me", the girl didn't knew what to say, and the "man" continued: "the other night you call me, now I'm calling you back, do you really want to meet me?", the girl panicked and shut the phone. She told her parents what was going on. The "man" keeped calling. They couldn't stop it, the girl was pretty scared. One night, their parents went to the gandmother house, and leave their daughter alone. She was so nervous, and then, the phone start ringing, she picked up the phone "hello? mom? dad?", and the 'man' answered "do you really want to meet me?, I can manifest right now" the girl was in shock, she shut the phone and then get out of the house, she ran to her grandmother's house. When she got tehre, she told her parents that the man called again. They were as terrified as she. They confessed thay they have defused the phone line, so no one could call her. They moved the next day.

I am actually happy that I didn't hear such things as story 3. What do you think? which was the terrifying story?


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