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It's long been a point of speculation that shows like Titans or Supergirl, the latter green lit for a full series and the former with its pilot soon to film, might exist in the universe of Arrow and The Flash- the Flarrowverse, as we call it. The cancellation of Constantine, yesterday, however, sparked even more questions, as we began to call into question whether or not John Constantine could interact with the likes of Barry Allen and Oliver Queen.

The movement garnered an incredible amount of attention, and, what's funny, is that of every show on air or cancelled Constantine received the most media and internet attention. Guess kicking it wasn't such a great idea after all, hey, NBC? As I outlined in an article yesterday, Stephen Amell (Oliver Queen) and more pledged their support to by offering to guest star on the show, for some DC actors, in character. You can read that full article here, but, basically, it can be summarized awesomely by this:

So what's this about connecting?

Stephen appeared recently at Philadelphia's Wizard World Comic Con, Amell was (inevitably) questioned about the DC TV and movie universes, where he reiterated that, at least for now, the two universes are separate. (And here's why they should be that way.) But he then made an interesting note on the DC TV universes. Thanks to, we have some quotes (all of the following from them) of Stephen's to shed some more light on the situation.

“On the B side, there is an opportunity for interconnectivity with any DC television show that exists. Like, as an example, yesterday Constantine was cancelled. And there is…yeah, I know, it’s brutal…it’s a good show, and it should come back. And it may come back, like there are various platforms where it could come back.”*

The 'various platforms' we speculated on yesterday, including moving the show to the CW, reserructing it on another network, or even just having Matt Ryan star as Constantine on shows like Legends of Tomorrow.

Some of the cast of 'Legends of Tomorrow.'
Some of the cast of 'Legends of Tomorrow.'

What was most interesting is what Stephen then went on to say, talking beyond just network restrictions.

Now, Constantine was an NBC show. I’m on The CW. I had had discussions with DC… so not NBC, not CW… but with DC Entertainment about guest starring on Constantine when it was still on the air. And that was and is still on the table. So we have Flash, we have Legends of Tomorrow, a new show which is directly connected to the Arrow universe, we have Supergirl… she got picked up, directed by my good friend Glen Winter, that pilot, I can’t wait to see it, I’m sure it’s going to be amazing… there’s Gotham obviously, and I’m missing something… Titans, there you go. So again I wouldn’t worry too much about the movie universe, because we have no shortage of options for me and other characters to populate.”*

Now, that actually is fairly huge. Let's use Supergirl as an example to discuss why this is as big as I'm suggesting.

Supergirl is coming later this year, and it's been hotly speculated that it'll connect to the Flarrow Universe. Director of photography Glen Winter, who directed the pilots of both Arrow and The Flash is doing it- it's on CBS, but that's a network linked closely to the CW. But, suddenly, the CBS CEO, while she didn't rule out crossovers, decided for now they would be separate, letting Supergirl move into her own first. That's fair enough. However, her decision may not have been as final as she thought.

Greg Berlanti is the one who's writing and creating Supergirl. Berlanti, if you don't know, is to producers what Amell is to actors in the DC TV Universe, or what Robert Downey Jr is to the MCU- he's its forerunner. He's had big involvement in both Arrow and The Flash and will continue to do so. Which means, even if there's no explicit crossover yet, Berlanti can write the show so that the universes coexist, with mini Easter Eggs here and there, and basically leaving an opening prepped for a seamless combination in future. What's even more interesting about Stephen's comments is that DC seems to hold jurisdiction over network's wishes wherever they wish to crossover- the rights, at the end of the day, after all, are their's to cross over or keep separate.

What about Titans?

We haven't heard much about Titans recently, but apparently we can expect some casting very soon- Amell's mention of it is a nice confirmation the show at this point still seems to be going ahead, and he knows about it (and didn't refer to it by the rumoured name change of Blackbirds). Geoff Johns, chief of DC Creative Entertainment, is heavily involved with Titans, just as he has been The Flash- given he's among those who Stephen listed as an advocate for saving Constantine and being involved in the TV world beyond just the shows he has produced-

“I think that all the support that it got, Geoff Johns at DC was supporting it, Jim Lee was supporting it, I think Grant [Gustin] was throwing a little weight behind it, as he should, because that dude is a heavy weight in the DC television universe. I don’t know how it would play. I just think that it deserves an opportunity. I really do.”*

Now, that's a very nice reitteration of the support for Constantine's survival, to the point I'd be very surprised if we don't see Matt Ryan in character somewhere in DC's TV universe in the future, even if not on his own show. But it also might reveal that Geoff Johns and the team of Titans are prepping it for a crossover just as Berlanti is doing with Supergirl.

But how could they connect?

Ra's al Ghul before his Lazarus Pit.
Ra's al Ghul before his Lazarus Pit.

The answer for some of these is really easy. Yesterday I speculated that, with magic actually more on Arrow's side than The Flash's, Constantine could show up there with minimal issue, and Amell actually confirmed that speculation, which made me feel like I was half smart:

The reason that I was going to guest star on Constantine, at least the idea that we were throwing around was he’s an expert when it comes to the Lazarus Pit, which is now something that is a part of and will continue to be a part of Arrow.

And yes, Lazarus Pits will continue to be a part of Arrow he confirms, which to me says its likely through Damien Darhk, confirmed to have access to some stolen waters of the Lazarus Pits which will benefit him in some way. Which also shows that there's still plenty of room for that idea with Constantine.

But what about the likes of Gotham? Yes, Arrow, The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow all explicitly connect to each other on the same network. It wouldn't be hard to fill that gap with both Titans and Supergirl. But Gotham seems to exist in a world of its own- but, alas, that's not such a problem when you've got a speedster who can travel through time and across multiple realities.

So, there you have it. Not only is it possible for these shows to crossover in the future, it's actually pretty likely. Constantine fans, don't stress- whatever way he survives, we haven't seen the last of John Constantine. I'm 99% sure of that. To the fans of all of the rest of DC'S TV- well, maybe there's a lot more interplay there than we thought.

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