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Growing up we moved allot. When we lived in Van Nuys,Ca I had 2 best friends. Elyse a girl and Joey a boy. We did everything together as children, everyday.

When I was around 19 ish we got a call that Joey had passed away in a accident. He was on a motor bike and hit a parked car. He was brain dead. To say the least I was devastated. Went to his funeral, that was hard. My other friend did not make it, she was out of state at time on vacation with her family.

i had not seen Joey for years but that didn't matter, it was that childhood bond thing. A few years after he passed away I had this dream/real encounter.

anyway one night I had a dream of Joey and elyse and me. We were kids again, and we're playing of courses and all of a sudden I woke up and someone was pulling my hand to get up to play, pulling and pulling. I was awake, sitting up, but no one was there, well no one I could see at least.

I believe in my heart it was Joey. I believe he wanted to play, one more time. I wasn't scarred, in fact it was very calm. I just felt him there with me.

it never happen again. Maybe he just wanted to visit one more time before he moved on. I love you Joey and think about your cute laugh, smile, personality. You were always there for me when elyse would go into her psycho moods.

you would have made an awesome father, husband, butt never had the chance. You died way to soon my friend.



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